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Minimaliste 30 Foot Nomad Tiny House

While some tiny homes are designed to be mobile if you *have* to move them, this tiny house by Minimaliste is designed to go anywhere, much like an RV, but with amazing luxury finishes and expert craftsmanship. It can sleep up to five, making it a great choice for family vacationing (or cross-country travel).

The home has a private queen-sized bedroom in the back, as well as a dinette and couch that become sleeping areas. A compact 3/4 bathroom sits across from the galley kitchen that has an oven and a washer/dryer unit. What’s your favorite feature of this home?

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Tiny House RV: Built for Travel!

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 6

Images via Minimaliste

Believe it or not, those “wood” clapboards are actually steel!

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 1

Images via Minimaliste

A ladder on the back provides access to solar panels.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 5

Images via Minimaliste

Inside, there’s a dinette and couch that become additional sleeping areas for kids.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 99

Images via Minimaliste

This unit even includes a washer/dryer unit.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 0093

Images via Minimaliste

It’s always nice to have an oven.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 091

Images via Minimaliste

A mini-split provides heating and cooling for the home.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 092

Images via Minimaliste

This is a perfect spot to eat or work.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 090

Images via Minimaliste

Notice the blinds provided for all the windows.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 09098

Images via Minimaliste

The bedroom has plenty of sotrage and a queen-sized bed.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 089

Images via Minimaliste

Notice the 3/4 bathroom.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste

Images via Minimaliste

One side of the tiny house.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 2

Images via Minimaliste

And here’s the other side of the space.

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 3

Images via Minimaliste

VIDEO: NOMAD 30ft (4 seasons travel trailer) Video Tour


The exterior of the Nomad model is made from two different types of steel: black vertical steel sheets and woodgrain imitation steel cladding. The woodgrain imitation is maintenance free and UV resistant while the other type of steel only requires a verification on the fasteners seals every year. The trailer is galvanized for an increased durability and all the windows are tempered glass, residential grade. The motorized folding deck option is definitely one of a kind and allows a more comfortable access to the interior of the Nomad while protecting/securing the sliding door when locked in travel position. It is now offered with a remote control so that you can operate it even more easily. The frame includes removable/adjustable axles so that the owner can install it more permanently on their land by removing the axles OR in order to adjust the axles location according to how it feels on the road when being towed.

When you get inside the 30ft Nomad, you have a totally different feeling than the 24ft version; the addition of a full living area makes a significant difference in terms of comfort and it opens up a lot of possibilities. The entrance features a closet where you can put your coats in the middle section. There are a few hooks on the walls to hang your coat/hats. The dinette seats 4 people and turns into a bed that can accommodate two children or one adult for sleeping. There is a drawer on each side of the seat and the rest is occupied by the propane furnace and water heater. The 9000btu Minisplit option is installed above the entrance door. The table as well as the countertop are wood laminate and they match the other wood accents in the home. The kitchen is equipped with high quality appliances; Furrion 12V refrigerator and Furrion propane range/oven. A 2 in 1 washer and dryer combo is available as an option or you can leave the space for more storage. There are plenty of cabinets despite the small space and a microwave installed on a pull-out tray in the tall pantry next to the fridge. The master bedroom is spacious and comfortable, including a standard queen size bed with storage underneath.

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  • W
    February 11, 2024, 6:27 pm

    These guys are brilliant. A single person could live there. Instant house, depending on zoning and code, I suppose.

  • Michael
    February 12, 2024, 2:58 am

    There are not many THOW for travel. This one is and marks the upper limit when it comes to size and weight. Most THOW have a tongue which is a way to short for providing a comfortable ride but this one has 5 ft. Another plus are the moveable axles.
    The rear entrance and stairs are nice but a way to small for outdoor living. Beside that the floorplan is underlining the length of the house. Narrow, 8 ft wide spaces should have someacross driving direction.
    I would prefer the fifth wheel version which makes it even easier on the road and shorter in overall length of towing vehicle and trailer.

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