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Van Life in his Lexus GX470 Overlander

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This is the story of how one man turned his 2007 Lexus GX470 into his overland vehicle for traveling and working remotely as a software engineer. He retrofitted the vehicle to house all of his basic living needs including a rear kitchen with a refrigerator and a rooftop tent with 300W of solar panels.

While it may not offer as much space as a typical van conversion, it’s capable of off-roading into more remote locations. What would you choose, a van conversion or an expedition SUV like this? Or maybe something in between? Either way, be sure to check out the Going Farther Lexus GX470 SUV below!

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Living and Working in his Lexus GX470 SUV

The rear of his SUV is set up as an outdoor kitchen. Everything is very organized and easy to access. There is also a ladder built into the exterior for easy access to the rooftop area of the vehicle.

He built a custom fold-down workbench in the kitchen where the stovetop and such can be placed. Everything has its place.

He even has a Dometic CFX refrigerator with an icemaker back here.

Best of all, it’s on drawer sliders so it’s super easy to access.

It’s light and easy to push back in place thanks to the sliders.

He’s even got deep drawers to keep all of the other things necessary for living and camping.

Once it’s time to sleep, setting up the rooftop tent is very quick.

With a 4×4 SUV like this, you can find yourself in the most remote and beautiful places.

He even has three 100watt solar panels on the roof to keep everything inside charged up, including all of his electronic gear like his laptop, cameras, and drone.

In the rear, he has a full-size spare just in case. Wrapped over that is a backpack which is where he keeps his trash.

If the weather is too extreme, he does have an electronic blanket. He also has the option of sleeping inside the vehicle. Besides that, he says he can always go to a hotel or an Airbnb if need be.

When it’s time to work, because he does keep a job, he has a custom desk in the passenger seat of the vehicle. He uses a mount and iPad as a second monitor and created a clever way to build a desk for his laptop.

Have you ever considered building your own overland SUV camper kind of like this? Be sure to watch the video tour below to learn how he did it!

VIDEO: Living in his Lexus GX470


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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • October 16, 2022, 4:01 am

    This is wonderful to see. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Good for you. That’s an amazing setup.
    Love Lyn

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