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2017 GMC Terrain SUV Turned Stealth-Camper

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This 2017 GMC Terrain SUV has been transformed into a super stealthy home, ideal for ski and bike adventuring- and for sale! It doesn’t get much more “micro” than this, but somehow, the seller fit a bed, bike storage, and a “kitchen” area into this itty bitty home on wheels.

The coolest part? No one will ever suspect you live in it, so that you can park anywhere without trouble. It’s in Meeker, Colorado, and they’re asking $20,000 for the conversion (with 65,000 miles on it). You can contact the seller at ConversionTrader.com.

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$20K GMC SUV Turned Super Stealthy Home

There’s a bed and space for two bikes!

The bed rolls up to create a cooking space.

All the wood has been bolted into the original car bolts.

The bed extends at night over the passenger side.

The awesome roof rack is included in the sell.

More storage here!

Pantry storage underneath. A better look at the “kitchen”


  • 65,000 miles
  • Built out for one person to sleep in and live out of
  • 7’3″ bed
  • Clothing box
  • Work seating
  • Pantry area
  • Storage
  • Roof rack with Yakima basket
  • Internal bike and ski storage
  • Camping gear and cooking storage
  • Area to set up a stove
  • Automatic
  • All wheel drive
  • Winter and summer tires, 1 year old
  • Original car parts (seats, etc.) included
  • Contact seller here

From the seller:

I built out my car for ski trips; I absolutely adore the setup but am being forced to sell. The back seat and tire storage area have been removed, which opened everything up. The structure of the build is attached to the points where the seat was bolted in. Nothing rattles or moves while I’m driving, and we have gone up and down a lot of bumpy roads. The bed fits one person on the passenger side of the car, which means that the driver’s seat is never moved and is always accessible. The bed extends and contracts to accommodate a passenger in the front seat. When driving with the bed extended, I usually remove the passenger side headrest. The bed platform can accommodate someone of pretty much any size. Window rain guards have been installed on all of the windows. At night I crack the windows to prevent moisture buildup and the guards to an excellent job of stopping the snow and rain. In the winter I usually sleep with a four season sleeping bag and a camping quilt and have never had an issue staying warm. In the morning it’s simple to just reach over and turn the car on, wait for the heat to kick in, and I’m ready to go.

Up to three pairs of skis fit under the bed, but more can fit with a bit of maneuvering. My skis are 181s and they leave room to spare when the bed is extended. If there is a passenger, skis can be placed at an angle just fine. The space in front of the passenger seat is reserved for ski boots. If I take the liners out and line the shells and liners up, they dry overnight and then the car’s heater makes them nice and toasty in the morning on the drive over to the ski area. I usually keep my bike on a hitch-mounted bike rack (not included), but there is also a fork mount inside for nights spent in urban settings. Sometimes it’s worth cuddling up with your bike for a little peace of mind.

The box behind the driver’s seat and the handle on the ceiling above it make up the closet. I keep my clothing in packing cubes (or just thrown in there–depending on my mood). Anything that needs to be hung, e.g. wet ski clothing, can be hung on hangers from the ceiling. This system keeps everything out of my blind spot as I’m driving and keeps everything dry and wrinkle free.

The pantry area is in the back of the car, and the bed platform is the perfect height to accommodate a stove and cooking setup. I just flip up my mattress and cook under the protection of the open, hatch-style rear door. This is the best possible ski area parking lot breakfast setup, as you’re protected from the falling snow and are ready to go as soon as lifts open. In the winter I don’t worry about a cooler, and in the summer the cooler fits either under the bed or on the roof rack.

The spare tire is stored on the roof rack as well, which also has lots of room for water, extra supplies, a cooler, shovel, ax, jack, etc. The entire Yakima roof rack system and MegaWarrior basket is included with the car.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Sheila
    August 25, 2020, 6:01 pm

    This is cool. Not something that is for me. This is very creative.

  • Paul Larsen
    August 25, 2020, 9:11 pm

    This is great! as one who has built his own small truck camper , I am really impressed! a really efficient use of the available space and nice and cozy! Well done!

    • Natalie C. McKee
      August 26, 2020, 12:57 pm

      I would have never thought you could fit so much into an SUV!

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