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Her Second Vanlife, Now in Scotland

Some 20 years ago, Vari spent time traveling around Australia in a campervan. A couple of years ago, she found herself ready to return to that lifestyle, so she found an RV and converted it into an off-grid rig to enable her to travel around her native Scotland.

She travels with her adorable dog, and her cozy home is functional and beautiful. She has a wood-burning stove, an oven and range, a compact bathroom, and a comfortable living space. We had the honor of doing a Q&A with her, which you can read below the photo tour.

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Exploring Scotland in Her Self-Converted Campervan

Scotland is absolutely breathtaking!

Her beautiful campervan!

Here’s a before picture!

Her adorable relaxing puppy!

Another “before” of the front space.

I love the yellow couch cover.

It’s nice that there’s an oven!

Everything is so bright and cottage-y now.

She said the woodstove was a necessary upgrade with Scottish weather!


What got you into tiny living?

I have always loved to travel and have been fortunate to travel around Australia in my 20s (nearly 20 years ago!) in a campervan. This gave me the idea and bug. Then I returned home in 2019 after working abroad and travelling abroad and never settled back into my flat properly. Then covid hit and I then decided to take the leap last year.

Did you build your home or buy it? How long did the process take?

Bought motorhome. Seemed right time to sell my flat and felt could move into it full-time and do it up quickly. Took me 6 months to make changes so I could live off-grid and not rely on caravan parks. This was longer than planned. Also a bit of planning beforehand, as I changed jobs to make it work financially etc.

How has tiny living changed your life (for better or worse)?

Definitely for the better. I can go where I want when I want, as I work from my van and now work less hours. I get to be outdoors a lot more which is my happy place and see so many places of my own country. I now see a lot more sunrises and sunsets, which are stunning. I appreciate the little things like running water and toilets more now!! I still have these but not in abundance! And I plan to go abroad next year.

What’s the hardest part of tiny living?

During my trip to Ireland all caravan parks were shut. (I rarely stay in them) but use them for chemical disposal of toilet. So, this took more planning.

Things still break or need fixed for instance my water heater blew off the canister and 10 litres water ended up under my sofa where it was stored! Then had issues with my battery charger. All of it is fixable. And although frustrating things break in a home that is made of bricks too!

What’s the most rewarding part?

As my niece says, I get to choose my garden every day!! Which is an epic thing to be able to do and sometimes it’s gorgeous! And I have a much better work-life balance as my outgoings are less and more time to roam.

Any advice for people looking to go tiny?

You will still spend a good bit of money when living in it full time. Although a lot less than before. But it is a very positive lifestyle change. Great way to declutter and prioritize what you need in life.

Fuel is my biggest expense as it’s an old vehicle. I would check mile to gallon on the fuel of vehicle you plan to buy.

Be open to changing plans. I only set vague plans. Best investment for me was a wood burner which has been amazing during winter in Scotland.

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Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.

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