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Three Bedroom Charme Tiny House by Minimaliste

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This Charme model by Minimaliste was displayed this weekend at the Tiny Home Show in Ottawa! The 360 square foot home has three bedrooms — two lofts and one first-floor bedroom, private from the rest of the house.

The interior is a creamy white, with dark wood accents that make it feel modern yet inviting. The galley kitchen has all the necessary appliances (even a drawer dishwasher!), and there’s enough space in the living room for a proper couch. What I love most about this design is how much storage it includes! What do you like most about this home?

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360 Sq. Ft. Tiny House w/ First Floor Bedroom

Three Bedroom Charme Model 2

Images via Minimaliste

The galley kitchen has an oven, stovetop, and drawer dishwasher.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 4

Images via Minimaliste

A table and bench provide seating off the kitchen.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 5

Images via Minimaliste

A large window that opens lets light into the kitchen.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 6

Images via Minimaliste

The kitchen has plenty of cabinets for storage.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 7

Images via Minimaliste

The large refrigerator sits next to the washer and dryer unit.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 8

Images via Minimaliste

You can see the main floor bedroom in the back of the THOW.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 9

Images via Minimaliste

A slightly curved staircase goes up to one of the loft bedrooms.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 10

Images via Minimaliste

There’s a residential toilet in the bathroom.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 11

Images via Minimaliste

I love all the storage built into this unit.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 12

Images via Minimaliste

A walk-in shower stall has subway tiles and a glass door.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 13

Images via Minimaliste

This is a nice towel cubby!

Three Bedroom Charme Model 14

Images via Minimaliste

The queen bed has two cabinets on either side of it.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 15

Images via Minimaliste

This cut-out view is helpful.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 16

Images via Minimaliste

And here’s what it looks like from the other side.

Three Bedroom Charme Model

Images via Minimaliste

The second loft is accessible via ladder.

Three Bedroom Charme Model 17

Images via Minimaliste

Could you live in this house?

Three Bedroom Charme Model 18

Images via Minimaliste

VIDEO:360 sqft 3-bedroom Tiny House


  • Price: $157,500
  • Exterior design of the Charme focuses on window and door placement
  • Exterior cladding options include horizontal wood grain imitation steel with vertical steel siding or horizontal cedar with vertical steel siding
  • Trims and roofing available in white, charcoal, or black based on customer preference
  • Open space concept with lofts at both ends and a master bedroom next to the entrance
  • Loft accessible with ladder stored in the kitchen, serving for storage or extra sleeping space
  • Access to the other loft via storage staircase landing on a platform with standing clearance in front of the closet
  • Fully equipped kitchen and space for stackable washer and dryer
  • Complete bathroom included
  • Standard materials: white painted engineered siding on walls and stained knotty pine for the ceiling

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This post contains affiliate links.

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