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When Danny and Katherine first learned about cob building, they were hooked! But they couldn’t jump right in due to a number of circumstances. Eventually, they were able to build a “trial” cob tiny home on her parents’ property, where they lived for a few years while saving and planning for their forever home on their own property which they own outright!

They’ve been in this 700-800 square foot cob dwelling now for a couple of years, and the lack of debt allows Katherine to stay home with her daughter. The house is absolutely stunning inside, with all kinds of details they spent a decade planning out “just right.” They even used all recycled windows to keep costs down and to be more sustainable.

Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey did a great video tour with the couple which you can watch below, where you’ll even learn a bit about cob building. And if you really want to delve in, Danny and Katherine teach cob-building classes!

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Their 700 Square Foot Cob Home Built For Family Life

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This is a beautiful 34-ft. family tiny home originally built by Tiny Heirloom back in January of 2018 that’s available for sale right now. Who knows, it could be the perfect tiny house, and it’s already built for you!

It’s RVIA certified, weighs 17,500 lbs dry, and has too many features to tell you about here, so we’ll just show you (please scroll below to enjoy and learn more).

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They’re Selling This Custom 34-ft. Tiny Home on Wheels

Beautiful 34-ft Family Tiny Home For Sale 001

Images © Allison Shea

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The Swifts were paying $2,000/month for their condo in San Diego, but when Heather and Michael decided they wanted to have more time with their son and be able to home school, Heather decided to quit her $60K/year job. This meant something had to give!

Heather’s parents lived outside of the city, near her brother, and offered to allow them to park on their property. So the couple sold just about everything, bought a new 5th wheel RV, and moved! Now they have far more family time (including time with cousins!), are paying down debt quickly, and enjoying minimalism.

Their RV features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living area/kitchen. While they didn’t do a full reno on the place, they’ve truly made the place their home. We had the pleasure of interviewing the couple, which you can read below the photo tour! Follow their tiny life on Instagram here.

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RV Life is Helping this Family Have More Time Together

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This is the Wright family, the first clients of David Latimer at New Frontier Tiny Homes, who lost their tiny house in the wildfires that ripped through Boulder Creek, CA. We did a post about their house that they’ve been using as an Airbnb for some time. Now that income is gone, as well as many family heirlooms and possessions. Latimer has set up a GoFundMe account for the family here.

The Wrights couldn’t find an insurance provider to cover their tiny house in case of wildfires, which means this is a complete loss. They found out about the devastation on the same day their new daughter was born.

They recently moved to North Carolina and have a home there, so they are, thankfully, safe and housed at the moment. That said, they could use our support! Consider donating here.

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California Wildfires Destroy this Family’s Tiny House


Images via GoFundMe

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The Barefoot Bandits wanted to get away from the rat-race and spend more time together as a family, so they sold everything and bought and converted a bus into their full-time home.

Now mom, Jacq, “wild-schools” her kids as they travel Oregon (COVID-permitting). They created the most beautiful home, with a giant counter for food prep, school, and arts & crafts, as well as a giant shower! Jacq’s husband was too tall for the curvature of the bus, so they cut out a hole and extended it an extra two feet in the air.

The two older girls have their own special bunk spaces, and the youngest sleeps with mom and dad. The cactus mural on the outside of the bathroom makes the place special. Enjoy the photos below and the full video tour with Tiny Home Tours!

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Check Out The Extra Tall Shower in This Skoolie!

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Just about two years ago, Jake & Jenn decided they didn’t really know where they wanted to settle and put down permanent roots, and they hadn’t seen much of the rest of the US. So the couple started looking for the perfect bus to turn into their family’s tiny home!

Together with their two kids, they’ve gutted and transformed the bus into their new home (@scoutandaboutskoolie). While COVID has delayed their official departure, the home is just about complete! The coolest part? They took their time on the build so they could do it entirely debt-free! The bus itself was about $4,000, and they’ve put another $20,000 into it, including a full solar system that enables them to be off-grid.

We got to interview Jenn about the conversion and transitioning to tiny life, so be sure to check those out after the photo tour!

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Family to Travel US in Their Bus Conversion

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