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They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits

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When Portland passed a law allowing homeowners to build an <200 square foot accessory unit on their property without a permit, Chris and Jack jumped at the opportunity. Because Chris is a sculptor, she thought sculpting from cob would be a perfect way to create a small dwelling.

The bean-shaped unit features two spiral pillars and a lovely round roof with a cupola. Inside it has an open floor plan that was originally designed as a massage studio, but now features a queen-sized bed for guests.

You’ll love the video tour and interview with the couple, brought to us by FLORB on YouTube.

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Stunning Permit-Free Cob Dwelling in Portland

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 006

Images via FLORB/YouTube

The windows are made from recycled glass and covered with a translucent plexiglass for privacy.

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 002

Images via FLORB/YouTube

The spot has both radiant floor heating and a wood stove.

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 004

Images via FLORB/YouTube

Here you see it during the build process.

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 005

Images via FLORB/YouTube

These two should be proud of their cob house!

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 003

Images via FLORB/YouTube

Cupola letting light in from above.

They Built A Cob Tiny House With No Permits 001

Images via FLORB/YouTube

VIDEO: Inspiring DIY Tiny House built by Hand


  • Bean-shaped cob home
  • Made with mixture of straw, water, soil and clay
  • Large roof keeps water away from the structure
  • Pillars are hand-sculpted
  • Features both radiant heat and a wood stove
  • Originally used as a massage studio
  • Windows are made from recycled glass

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This post contains affiliate links.

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