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Cob Homes

Kris’ Handmade Off-Grid Smallholding in Wales 3

Five Years in his $3k Cordwood Home

As a fellow homesteader/self-sufficient wannabe, Kris’ tour of his smallholding that he created from basically nothing for very little money is absolutely astounding. He’s planted 2,500 trees, built a solar array and hydroelectric plant, crafted his own cordwood home as well as a huge workshop, greenhouse, and multiple outbuildings all using — primarily — materials [...]


Earthen Block Home Built for $50K From Local Earth!

People have been building homes from earth for thousands of years, but here in the U.S. we have gotten far away from the practice. AECT Earth Block hopes to change that, and they produce innovative machines that compress earth into compact building bricks that are resistant to just about anything! The company owner, Ryan, built [...]

Earthen Dome with European Soaking Tub 8

Earthen Dome with European Soaking Tub

This cob structure sits at the Saoirse Learning Center, where the owner wants others to learn and experience tiny and alternative living styles: Offering professionally conducted workshops and wellness retreats along with unique accommodation options, Jen and her crew are on a mission to help more people free themselves from the stresses of the modern [...]

Navajo Family Shares Ancestral Earthen Homes on Airbnb 7

Navajo Family Shares Ancestral Earthen Homes on Airbnb

People have been living tiny since they started building homes, which is just what you’ll find at Shash Dine’ EcoRetreat. Set on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, the “glampground” features a number of tiny dwellings which represent the past and future of Navajo architecture. On site you’ll find authentic “hogans,” which are round earthen homes [...]

Joshua Tree Cob Tiny Home Experience 5

Joshua Tree Cob Tiny Home Experience

Emily and Erica were looking for a vacation property in Joshua Tree and came across this awesome cob tiny home. They were able to fix up the earthen home and add in an outdoor kitchen and bathroom to complete a “better-than-glamping” vacation experience. While they block off days for their own vacations with family/friends, Emily [...]

100-Year-Old Adobe Home on a Pecan Orchard 3

100-Year-Old Adobe Home on a Pecan Orchard

This adobe home was originally community-built in the late 1800s, and was recently renovated and restored to the beautiful vacation property it is today. It sits next to a 70-year-old pecan orchard that provides a peaceful vista for those who come to stay. Inside the home has everything you could want including a full kitchen, [...]

Modern Off-Grid Cob House Tour - Outside - Exploring Alternatives

This Epic Cob House is Off-Grid and Earthquake Resistant!

This monolithic cob house is completely off-grid with a 1-kilowatt solar power system and a backup generator for electricity, a Rumford fireplace and propane radiant in-floor heating, and a constructed wetland for natural wastewater treatment. The modern interior living space is approximately 1,000 square feet in size with an open-concept kitchen, dining, and living room, [...]

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