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Cob Homes

6-Day Cob + Straw Immersion Workshop #1 76

6-Day Cob + Straw Immersion Workshop in May!

While tiny houses on wheels are popular for their mobility, sustainable structures built with cob and straw are super sustainable and often very affordable, not to mention gorgeous. Here’s your chance to learn everything you need to know to build your own cob home, and get hands-on experience. Mud Dauber School of Natural Building in [...]

Pumice Strawbale Tiny Homes

Pumice Strawbale Tiny Home in New Zealand

Innovative construction methods are always exciting, and this Pumice house in New Zealand used 200 bales of barley straw, a waste product, to create an innovative sculptural vacation property. The house has a gorgeous first-floor bedroom with a roll-away TV, and a unique bathroom with a scultped shower stall. The bales are covered in a [...]

Wee Nook Hobbit Hole 4

Wee Nook Hobbit-Style Cabin in Tennessee

Maybe you disagree, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at Hobbit Holes! Each has unique features, but all call back to the source material with round doors, wooden accents, and a warm and cozy vibe. This one in Tennessee is no exception. The 360-square-foot space is a great spot to unwind and [...]

Magic Forest Farm’s Enchanted Cabin 8

Enchanted Cordwood Yurt at Magic Forest Farms

It took five years and 200 volunteers, but this incredible, enchanting cordwood yurt is complete! The off-grid structure was built primarily from materials gathered on their 225-acre organic farm, and the results are fantastic. If you’re not familiar with cordwood construction, it’s the process of using short logs and mortar/cob to build a structure. The [...]

His Hobbit Cobin and Other Earthen Creations

His Tiny Cob Cabins in California

Miguel, also known as “Sir Cobalot,” is a cob-building master who has created hundreds of earthen structures on his own and with others. He specializes in tiny structures because anything under 120 square feet doesn’t have to be permitted in California, where he lives. The video below looks at his home, the Hobbit Cobin, as [...]

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Warm and Inviting Underground Home 4

Cozy Underground Cottage at Purposely Lost Retreat

Purposely Lost is a fantastic woodland retreat space in Sandford, Maine, where you can stay in one of three treehouses or two “Hobbit” houses. This underground home, pictured below, is a stunning blend of cozy and luxurious, with warm wood tones, leather accents, and stonework. The home looks like a hill, with moss and mud [...]

Santa Fe Studio 12

Adobe Tiny Home with Private Garden in Sante Fe

Melissa’s Santa Fe Studio is a gorgeous little adobe casita that offers all the comforts of home in a compact floor plan. Guests rave about the comfortable bed sitting beneath gorgeous exposed beams. French doors lead out into the small covered patio area where you can slowly warm up to the morning. The bedroom flows [...]