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6-Day Cob + Straw Immersion Workshop in May!

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While tiny houses on wheels are popular for their mobility, sustainable structures built with cob and straw are super sustainable and often very affordable, not to mention gorgeous. Here’s your chance to learn everything you need to know to build your own cob home, and get hands-on experience.

Mud Dauber School of Natural Building in North Carolina is hosting another 6-Day Cob + Straw Immersion Workshop from May 20-25th. You’ll learn essential techniques, get to tour cob homes, and enjoy meeting with other like-minded individuals! The cost is $1260, and tent sites are free. Get more details below.

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Learn How to Build with Cob in Snowcamp, NC

You’ll learn three natural wall systems: cob, strawbale, and slip-straw.

Hands-on experience is huge, and you’ll get to build a structural wall during the immersion.

The workshop also includes a local home tour, natural cottages tour, and essential topic discussions/presentations.

VIDEO: 5 Days of Natural Building!


  • Dates: May 20-25th, 2024
  • Price: $1260 Regular Rate | 5% discount for family + friends participating together | 10% discount for BIPOC participants
  • Our Immersion course covers three natural wall systems: cob, strawbale, and slip-straw.
  • Hands-on learning is emphasized, with most of each day spent on our work site.
  • Activities include building a sculptural cob garden wall, installing full strawbale walls, and demonstrating the slip-straw wall technique.
  • Clay plaster application to natural wall systems will be done on the final day.
  • Supplemental activities include a local home tour, a tour of our natural cottages on campus, and discussions/presentations on essential topics.
  • Informational handouts and digital presentation materials will be provided for future reference.
  • Community aspect: Three wholesome meals provided daily, shared in a group setting, with leisure time for relaxation.
  • Participants can expect to leave with confidence and knowledge to undertake their own natural building project.
  • You can stay in a tent for free, or rent out one of their tiny structures.

Hands-On Activites:

  • Mixing cob by foot
  • Mixing cob by machine, using a mortar mixer
  • Building with cob
  • Installing a complete straw bale wall section
  • Mixing and installing slip-straw
  • Mixing and applying clay plaster
  • How to install windows in cob vs. strawbale

Discussion Topics:

  • “Rubble Trench Foundations”
  • “Simple Roofing Options”
  • “Cob vs. Strawbale: pros and cons, + hybrid designs”
  • CAMPUS TOUR! – We’ll tour campus buildings, as a general Q+A
  • LOCAL HOME TOUR! we will visit a local strawbale home to talk with the owners

Learn more:

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This post contains affiliate links.

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