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The Fox Tiny House for Family of Three

Soren and his parents purchased this beautiful tiny house from Baluchon which they’re taking to a home in the Alps. He loves foxes, and chose to name their tiny house “Fox” in Danish. He has a spot on the couch-to-bed in the living room, while his parents have a queen bed in the ladder-accessible loft.

Additionally, there’s the Baluchon-signature net lounge area where Soren can read and play. Their kitchen has all the appliances, including a drawer dishwasher! In the back of the home you’ll find a little bathroom with a composting toilet and a shower stall. What do you think?

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Cozy Baluchon Tiny Home Headed for the Alps

The Fox Tiny House 3

Images: Baluchon

There’s a beautiful galley kitchen.

The Fox Tiny House 22

Images: Baluchon

This couch is also the son’s bed.

The Fox Tiny House 21

Images: Baluchon

A cozy mini stove provides heating.

The Fox Tiny House 20

Images: Baluchon

I like the heat shields to protect little ones.

The Fox Tiny House 19

Images: Baluchon

They have a ladder for access to the bedroom.

The Fox Tiny House 18

Images: Baluchon

Check out all the kitchen storage!

The Fox Tiny House 17

Images: Baluchon

There’s a little oven and fridge.

The Fox Tiny House 14

Images: Baluchon

There’s a bow and arrow hide-away.

The Fox Tiny House 16

Images: Baluchon

This is the closet space.

The Fox Tiny House 15

Images: Baluchon

There’s a dishwasher under the oven.

The Fox Tiny House 10

Images: Baluchon

A small cutting board fits over the sink.

The Fox Tiny House 9

Images: Baluchon

A look up at the lounge net!

The Fox Tiny House 8

Images: Baluchon

There’s a queen bed up in the loft.

The Fox Tiny House 7

Images: Baluchon

What a fun spot to read!

The Fox Tiny House 6

Images: Baluchon

There’s a composting toilet in he bathroom.

The Fox Tiny House 5

Images: Baluchon

A beautiful shower with glass doors.

The Fox Tiny House 4

Images: Baluchon

A good angular roof to keep snow drifts off.

The Fox Tiny House 2

Images: Baluchon

Could you live here?

The Fox Tiny House

Images: Baluchon


  • Queen loft
  • Ladder access
  • Composting toilet
  • One-piece shower with glass doors
  • Mini wood-burning stove
  • Built-in couch-bed with storage
  • Folding table
  • Dishwasher and oven

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Our big thanks to Baluchon for sharing! 🙏

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.

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{ 5 comments… add one }
  • Eric
    January 15, 2023, 8:26 pm

    Could I live here? I guess I could, although probably “exist” would be a more appropriate word.

    The netting walkway would have to go though. Firstly because I have bad balance due to hearing loss, but probably because I’m scared s**tless that the rope would split open on me.

    Realms of possibility, yes. But unlikely to happen. Except to me, apparently.

  • Shelly J Hostetler
    January 16, 2023, 1:24 am

    I’ve seen something here enough times (on THT and other, similar sites) that I’m going to ask about it, now: Is there a logical explanation for why some THOWs have the steeper roof-pitch on the tongue-end of the home? Because of the drag this would create, for many good reasons, it seems aerodynamics would indicate it should be shorter end of the home that would be on the tongue-end. Does anyone have a good answer for this? I’ve wracked my brain & come up empty ’cause what’s here seems entirely counter-intuitive to me. Thanks for any insightful answers on this!

    • James D.
      January 16, 2023, 3:24 am

      Multiple reasons, like weight distribution that besides the general 60/40 ratio over the axles you generally want more weight on the tongue to have more control while towing. Making it less likely the trailer will jackknife, by being rear heavy, or otherwise not properly balanced.

      Drag is also not limited to just the front but also along the length and rear shape. So reducing the rear profile can be a more significant factor towards overall efficiency. Especially, if the front profile matches up with the tow vehicle and isn’t actually exposing as much of the front of the trailer. Mind, tiny houses generally won’t be exactly aerodynamic anyway. Making it just degrees of drag difference…

      That said, aerodynamics can make a huge difference for huge trucks with huge trailers. However, smaller vehicles and trailers generally need to worry more about weight. For those who do travel often with their THOW, towing the smallest, lightest possible load is going to make the biggest difference for the recreational hauler. Among other factors like speed, as aerodynamics matters less at slower speeds. Something, especially, in the country side will be more likely slow and steady pace.

      While tiny houses aren’t really intended to be moved often. So can just prioritize layout in relation to how it will be parked, where it may remain for years, and thus proper orientation for the property for the home to function optimally there, which may involve limitation in how the home can be placed on the property. Like, if the tow vehicle can’t rotate the home and only back into the spot then the design has to fit that situation.

  • Donna Rae
    January 16, 2023, 12:51 pm

    What a fabulous tiny home! Aesthetically pleasing, a nice kitchen, the sofa is plenty big and sleepable, great little wood burning stove. I could live here, for sure. Would I like more room? Yeah, but if you find yourself in circumstances that require drastic downsizing, what a nice way to slip into that lifestyle! The biggest change I would make is the toilet. I’d prefer a regular shaped toilet rather than one that is basically a hole in a box. And I understand that the design of this particular one works for their purposes but I prefer the other kind. The loft is nice but I’d rather there be a bit more length and no loft as I am older and going up and down wouldn’t work long-term. Doable now but one must look to the future. This would have worked very nicely when I was young, though. Many will love it as is but I’d like just those few changes to fit my personal preferences and needs. Overall, very nicely done! One of the best true tiny houses I have seen.

    • Donna Rae
      January 16, 2023, 1:03 pm

      Forgot to mention that I feel the same way about that Lounge Net as one of the other commenters…it would have to go as I wouldn’t trust it. But it would have to go more because once I got onto it, I’m not sure I could get myself out of it! hahaha I’d rather lose it and have a greater feeling of space. Of course, I’ve already said I’d lose the loft anyway. Maybe keep what is over the bathroom so I have some extra storage for those things one just can’t get rid of…photo albums (yes, some of us still have those…crazy I know), keepsakes, and maybe emergency supplies. 😉

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