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This is the story of Northern California’s Delta Bay Tiny House Community.

In the video by Kirsten Dirksen on YouTube, you’ll get to meet four tiny house residents and tour their tiny homes. You’ll also get to learn more about the community. Enjoy!

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NorCal’s Legal Tiny House Community – Delta Bay

youtu.be-7N_7VPORl9M (2)

Images via Kirsten Dirksen/YouTube

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This is the story of a young couple, Sam and Mary, who wanted to live tiny but also plan on starting a family.

So they decided to design and build a tiny house on wheels that would accommodate that! And they went from apartment, to tiny house thanks to the help of their builder, Mint Tiny Homes. Here’s their story thanks to Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey.

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Couple Design Tiny House With Family In Mind

youtu.be-CALeQ5-ru-A (6)

Images via Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is to let you know that the Leafspring tiny house is for sale. It’s a bit of a famous tiny home because it’s been featured in Lloyd Kahn’s “Small Homes” book and it’s also been toured over 369,000 times on Dylan Magaster’s FLORB YouTube Channel.

We first talked about it in late 2016 where we told the story of how Travis built it using a salvaged trailer and how he did it using no plans. It came out really awesome, too! Anyway, at the moment, Travis has it listed over at Tiny House Listings for $47,000.

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Travis’ Artisan-built Tiny House For Sale – Built With No Plans – Featured in Lloyd Kahn Book

Leafspring Tiny House For Sale 01

Images via Travis/Tiny House Listings

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This is the story of Bruce and Lisa’s 35.5-ft tiny house w/ BBQ deck!

There’s almost 400-square-feet of usable space inside including one of the most amazing tiny house kitchens we’ve ever seen, mostly thanks to the double oven! Big thanks to Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey for covering this.

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Couple’s Big Tiny House w/ BBQ Deck… The Ultimate Tiny?

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This is the story of Spencer and Bela’s tiny house. They’re a family of three who used a tiny house on wheels to escape outrageous real estate prices in the Bay Area.

Spencer & Bela were fed up with paying outrageous rent prices and decided to invest in living tiny.

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Family escapes high rent with this BEAUTIFUL tiny house

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This is the story of a very unique tiny house in Australia with a pop-up roof loft. The family of three designed and built it themselves and one of the unique things about it is that the loft roof is able to expand upward once the home is parked.

So whenever they want to move the house, they can collapse the roof down so that the house meets the applicable road laws. Pretty smart, right? They even did it in a way that it truly looks permanent once it’s set up! Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

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Family’s tiny house with a pop-up roof that expands upward

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This is the Laurier Tiny House on Wheels by Minimaliste. It’s a 365-square-feet tiny home that’s 10-feet wide and 32-feet long. As you may already know, Minimaliste designs and builds modern and very comfortable tiny houses thanks to the extra width they’re willing to build.

Normally, a tiny house like this is best if you’re staying put in one place for a long period of time. In other words, if you don’t plan on moving around very often. This is a great tiny house to park somewhere on your own land or maybe in a park model community and just leave it there and enjoy it for a while. And of course, if you ever have to move, you definitely can! A tiny house like this has pretty much all of the amenities you get in a residential-quality home including some extra space. High-quality materials, craftsmanship, and extra space do come at a cost, though, and this unit starts at $128,000 CAD which is approximately $96,605 USD. It’s a lot of money for sure, but after looking at it, I think it’s hard to say it wouldn’t be worth every penny, what do you think?

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365-Square-Feet, 10-Feet Wide Laurier Tiny House by Minimaliste

Laurier 10ft Wide Tiny House by Minimaliste

Images © Minimaliste

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This is the story of Tyler who is an engineering grad and the tiny house that he built for only $15,000 USD thanks to the help of friends, family, and recycled materials. Isn’t it pretty cool that tiny houses on trailers can be an inexpensive and mobile housing option?

Update: Of course, it’s 2021 now, and today, this tiny house would probably cost much more to build because of the rise in lumber prices and other building materials.

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Tyler’s $15k Tiny House Built Debt-free

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This is a raised roof school bus conversion that’s built like a residential home.

Jim & Debbie retired about 2 years ago to get their skoolie up and ready for full time travel.

I think you’ll really like this bus conversion and the owners have done a great job of explaining how they did it in the video below. Enjoy!

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Retired Couple’s Raised Roof School Bus Conversion That They Built Like a Residential Home

Retired couple's residential-quality skoolie

Images via TinyHomeTours/YouTube

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