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This dome isn’t tiny, but it’s amazing! The three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath structure sits on 42 acres of private woodland in Kennebunkport, Maine, and looks like a true retreat from it all.  The structure is all solar-powered and offers a hammock forest, fire pit, and beautiful forest views.

Inside, the open-concept dome has a living room, dining area, and kitchen that flow together seamlessly. A staircase goes up to the “loft” bedroom, where two twin beds rest side-by-side near a reading nook. There are also two queen bedrooms, and a full bathroom with a two-person shower stall. Could you live there?

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Epic Dome on 42 Acres of Woodland!

Solar-Powered Dome in Kennebunkport, Maine 19

Images via Airbnb/Joshua

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If you ever get a chance to go to Scotland, you most definitely should take it — and you could even stay in this lovely little off-grid cottage perched high on a hill with breathtaking views.

The one-bedroom cottage has a dine-in kitchen and cozy living room with floor-to-ceiling windows that let you take in the Scottish countryside. You can dine outdoors as well, or soak in the wood-fired hot tub. What do you think?

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Wood-Fired Hot Tub and Breathtaking Views

Knowe Lodge Off-Grid Scottish Vacation Cabin

Images by Airbnb/Tracy

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Dan’s very first project on his property was his “Mancave.” He never dreamed that someone would want to stay in it, but when a friend recommended he put it on Airbnb, it became a popular destination.

That’s when Dan started getting creative: He built a mini-village inside an airplane hangar, and then constructed a yurt, and then went on to build the TREEHOUSE yurt, which includes an elevator, hot tub and resident Alpacas for you to meet and greet.

He’s currently constructing Woodstock, where you can stay in a vintage VW bus and play music on his stage. You have to watch the interview with Tiny House Giant Journey to “meet” the wonderful Dan and his vacation world.

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Danville: This Yurt Has an Elevator, Hot Tub & Alpacas

Airbnb village w Treehouse Yurt 2

Images via Airbnb/Dan

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This is to let you know that you can win 3 nights in a tiny house in Durham, North Carolina thanks to Scott and Ashley of The Hive Drive Bus.

They’re celebrating their 10k followers on Instagram by doing this giveaway. And all you have to do is head on over to their Instagram, specifically this post on their Instagram, and follow the steps outlined there! Do that, and you’ll be eligible to win! It all starts with Following them on their Instagram if you already haven’t.

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Register To Win 3 Nights Stay In This Awesome Tiny House In North Carolina

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This is Jenna’s dreamy tiny house in the woods!

It’s a rustic cabin in Clinton, Washington that you can rent for vacation through Airbnb. And yes, it’s the famous tiny house on wheels from the popular YouTube channel, Tiny House Giant Journey.

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Airbnb Tiny House In The Woods near Seattle

Airbnb Tiny House in the Woods via Jenna-Airbnb 001

Images via Jenna/Airbnb

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This is the story of how they stayed at the tiny houses at Tiny Camp in Sedona, Arizona.

Hayden Noelle and Raz Loback of @thetinyhousechronicles went to visit the tiny homes for themselves and they released the video below of their experience shown below. Check it out!

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Staying In A Tiny House With A Yoga Deck in Sedona, Arizona

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We see plenty of comments from people new to the tiny house movement, who wonder what’s so different about living in a tiny house instead of the tiny apartments they’re accustomed to. This article by Monica Humphries explains it so well! While small spaces have always been around, they aren’t all designed well to maximize space and efficiency.

A well-designed tiny house, like the BOHO model by ESCAPE that Monica stayed in at Think Big! Tiny House Resort in South Cairo, New York, doesn’t leave any space underutilized, and that makes all the difference! Monica also mentioned that the large windows and nature views added to the peace and comfort of the tiny house.

Even though her NYC apartment is about 500 square feet (shared with a roommate), in the end Monica said she could see herself living in just 110 square feet by herself quite easily. Read the full story at Insider.

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Why Tiny Houses Are Better Designed Than Most Apartments

She Would Trade Her NYC Apartment For A Tiny House 7

Images via Monica/Insider

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Today we wanted to introduce you to Tiny Camp in Sedona, Arizona! This vacation complex includes 5 different tiny homes (with more on the way!) you can rent out on a short-term basis for a getaway you won’t forget.

The first one, Grow, features a huge deck with canyon views and a private fire pit. Yoga mats are provided for a little morning exercise and because of the Dark Sky ordinances, it’s a perfect spot for stargazing. Oh yes, and there’s a salt water hot tub!

Inside you’ll find a fully-functional kitchen and a bathroom with a luxury tiled shower. A ladder takes you up to the queen-sized loft. Enjoy the photo tour below and book your stay at Tiny Camp.

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Tiny House Vacation with Big Deck: Grow


Images via Tiny Camp

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This is the story of my stay in the Mount Dora Tiny House! It’s an Escape Vista Boho tiny house on wheels that’s beautifully stationed in Mount Dora, Florida, a beautiful little town near Orlando.

So in early March, I got to stay here! It was the first time in a while that I have gotten to spend the night in a tiny house on wheels, and the first time ever getting to stay in an ESCAPE. So I was super excited, and it went great. I actually did a video all about it that you can enjoy below. It’s been a while since I made a tiny house video like this, but I did spend a lot of time editing it, so I sure hope you enjoy it.

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I Stayed In The Mount Dora Tiny House in Florida

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