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A Stay In The Mount Dora Tiny House

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This is the story of my stay in the Mount Dora Tiny House! It’s an Escape Vista Boho tiny house on wheels that’s beautifully stationed in Mount Dora, Florida, a beautiful little town near Orlando.

So in early March, I got to stay here! It was the first time in a while that I have gotten to spend the night in a tiny house on wheels, and the first time ever getting to stay in an ESCAPE. So I was super excited, and it went great. I actually did a video all about it that you can enjoy below. It’s been a while since I made a tiny house video like this, but I did spend a lot of time editing it, so I sure hope you enjoy it.

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I Stayed In The Mount Dora Tiny House in Florida

It’s a Vista Boho Tiny House on Wheels from ESCAPE.

It’s set up with its own private fence, too.

Lots of outdoor furniture to enjoy, not to mention the mood lighting.

This is such an awesome tiny house, isn’t it?

Going inside, the layout is very simple but packed with features and functionality.

The tiny house felt very high quality throughout.

So many windows throughout, the natural lighting was really wonderful, especially around noon.

Want to see the bathroom?

The sink is perfect for a tiny house bathroom because it’s functional but also small enough to stay out of your way.

Closet and storage.

I really enjoyed the built-in blind in the front door. I used it a lot!

The kitchen with overhead storage. By the way, that storage also extends all the way to the bed.

Good-size sink and refrigerator. Cooktop, too! Everything you need in a kitchen.

View of the bedroom area with overhead storage.

I slept very comfortably here.

A look at the property overhead.

The Mount Dora Escape Tiny House!

How do you like this tiny house?

Video – My Stay At The Mount Dora Escape Tiny House (Long Version, 14-minutes)

Quick Tour of the Escape Boho Tiny House in Mount Dora (4-minutes)


  • Mount Dora, Florida (near Orlando)
  • Built by ESCAPE
  • It’s the Vista Boho model
  • Dimensions for this tiny house are: 22-ft long (27-ft with hitch) x 8.5-ft. wide, and 10-ft. high
  • This particular unit features a customized king bed, couch, dining area/desk, kitchen, and bathroom
  • It also has LED lighting throughout, a wall-mounted smart TV on a swivel, a quiet mini-split air conditioning system, and more…
  • Approximate weight: 8500lbs
  • These units start at $39,900, you can order one over at ESCAPE
  • This unit is available to book to stay over at Airbnb

What did you think? Will you stay in this tiny house sometime in the future? Or buy an Escape tiny house of your own?

Learn more

Our big thanks to Kathy/Airbnb for the wonderful hospitality and accommodations!🙏

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Delos Turner
    October 25, 2020, 3:42 pm

    cool clean lines and yet still useable.

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