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This is a 8 ft by 10 ft tiny camping cabin on wheels for off-grid recreational use.

It’s available for purchase through Esk’et Tiny House for $58,900 Canadian (~$44,400 in USD) and you can also book a vacation in the Spyu7.

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Esk’et Spyu7 Camping Cabin Tiny House on Wheels

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This is one couple’s tiny home, their Little Living Tiny House.

They shared pictures of their journey on Tumblr, and have been living tiny on a farm in California for three years now. According to their story, they downsized from a 3,200 square foot home in East Bay. Wow!

They worked with Tumbleweed to design the home of their dreams, rented land on a 5 acre ranch in Northern, CA, and moved into their 275 sq. ft. abode in Dec. 2014. Since then they’ve built benches, shelving, cabinets, storage and a lovely deck and outdoor tables to make their tiny house a tiny home.

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Little Living Tiny House on a 5 Acre Ranch in CA

Images via Tumblr

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This is Nick and Nora’s Amazing DIY Tiny House Journey. These two are just 21 and 23 years old and spent the last two years building this incredible house themselves.

Please scroll down to tour their tiny home then enjoy an exclusive interview with the couple at the bottom.

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Nick and Nora’s Amazing DIY Tiny House Journey

They're Debt-free thanks to their Tiny House

Images via Nick and Nora’s Tiny House

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This is the story of a couple in Dallas, Texas who are building a tiny house on wheels.

Cody and Randi made the decision to go tiny at the end of 2014.

By March of 2015, they got the trailer and started to build.

They plan on living and traveling with it for about a year.

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Dallas Couple Builds a Tiny House

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This is one couple’s DIY Tumbleweed tiny house on wheels.

Outside, you’ll notice darkly stained pine clapboards encompassing the tiny trailer house. The trim is a periwinkle blue and the roof line includes two side dormers for extra space when you’re in the sleeping loft.

When you go inside, you’ll find a drafting desk, stand-up desk that doubles as storage, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft, and more. The couple took about seven months to build it. They plan to continue making improvements while living in it.

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Couple’s DIY Tumbleweed Tiny House in Austin, TX

Couples DIY Tumbleweed Tiny House in Ausitn 001

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via Tumbleweed

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Do you think you and your partner could live in just over 100 square feet?

This tiny house couple interviewed each other about what it’s like sharing a small space with the person you love. They asked questions like:

  • What do you do when you fight?
  • What is the BEST part about living in a tiny house with someone else?
  • What is the WORST part about living in a tiny house with someone else?
  • How has living tiny changed your relationship?
  • What is the ideal Valentine’s day gift for a tiny houser?

What are some of the pros and cons? Always knowing where the other person is, but never being able to sit quietly and read without being interrupted. When you get sick, both people will almost definitely get sick, but you are close and can take care of each other.

And best of all, tiny living can give you freedom. If this couple didn’t live a tiny house, they’d still be in LA and at 3:30 in the afternoon and would be sitting in cubicles (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Hear it all below!

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What It’s Really Like Being a Tiny House Couple

Tiny House Couple What It's Really Like

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