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This is the story of Jelena’s tiny house sanctuary in Serbia that she and her ex-husband built for less than 5,000 euros.

It has thus far cost them about 3,000 euros to build and they still need about another 1,500 to complete it.

This tiny house is Jelena’s little retreat to be at peace and recharge.

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Jelena’s Tiny House Sanctuary/Retreat off Danube River in Serbia – Built for Less Than 5,000 euros

Jelena's Tiny House Sanctuary in Serbia

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This is April and Curtis’ beautiful 24ft tiny home on wheels built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes. What do you think?

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This is a 230 sq. ft. tiny home that was built with harvested wood from the DC Metro area.

The owners are Luke and Courtney, who document their adventures on Instagram.

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Couple’s 230 Sq. Ft. Fernwood Tiny Home

230 Sq Ft Fernwood Tiny Home

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