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Remember the Community First Village we told you about? Well now we want to tell you about The Field’s Edge, founded by a group of people who interned at Community First for four months so that they could replicate the awesome community-based system in Midland, Texas.

This group has been raising funding while finding RVs to house some of their homeless neighbors. They now have the property for their village and everything is coming together!

Construction began on Phase I in March 2021. Phase I includes the Mabee Foundation Community Center which houses The Field’s Edge offices, a behavioral and physical healthcare clinic space, a market, and a multipurpose great room. Also included in Phase I is the first “pod” of homes which includes 9 single-occupant tiny homes for the chronically homeless, one missional home, and a commercial bath, kitchen, and laundry facility that we lovingly call the Bathhouse. Construction of Phase I will be completed in June 2022.

The Village sits on 23.5 acres inside of the city limits of southwestern Midland and will eventually have 10 “pods” of homes, 90 homes for the chronically homeless, and 10 homes for missional residents who voluntarily live on site to help cultivate community.

This is so great! Could your community use a village like this?

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Midland, Texas Homeless Community Set to Open June 2022

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Today we’re excited to introduce the beautiful Eclipse Cottages, built with low-maintenance SIP panels and including rainwater catch base filtration systems, greywater reuse systems and other amazing sustainable options! They come with a few layout options and plenty of customization color/finish-wise.

Right now, these cottages are only available to be placed in one of Eclipse’s three tiny house villages in South Carolina, but eventually they will built and ship them to the general public.

Did I say tiny house village? Yes! Stay tuned for a more in-depth post about the communities, but you can head over here and here to learn more about two of them (which are currently taking residents) and here for a third one in production. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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399 Sq. Ft. Sustainable SIP-Built Cottages

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Martha had been wanting to go tiny for a long time and one day she came across Randy and Incredible Tiny Homes on YouTube. She stayed up all night watching his videos, found out about his community, got in touch with them, and put down a deposit — all in a couple of days!

She loves her one-floor tiny home, dubbed the “Death Star” by her neighbors. As an avid Star Wars fan, she also loves the name. Most of all, though, she loves the community! Every day she has coffee or lunch or dinner or walks with neighbors who are all living tiny just like she is.

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Her Slice of Heaven in the Incredible Forest Community

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M was one of the first 5 long-term tiny homes that rolled into Acony Bell Tiny Home Community in North Carolina. Her lot abuts two winding creeks on the 56 acres in the community and features not only her professionally-built THOW but her pottery studio as well.

She’s a professional artist and sells her pottery and teaches classes onsite. The walls of her THOW are covered in meaningful art she’s purchased, been given, or created herself. She chose a design without a loft and has no regrets on that front.

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Living Tiny With Her Adjacent Pottery Studio

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Brandy retired just before 2020, and the pandemic set her on a new path to tiny living. She’s honest about her downsize — it hasn’t been easy to purge her items or give up wall space for relatives’ artwork. But she’s also found ways to make the space work for her, including using her downstairs bedroom as an awesome crafting space (I’m jealous!).

She lives in a tiny house community with community gardens and she loves to cook and prepare the food she’s grown and give it to her neighbors. She sounds like someone you’d love living next door to.

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Brandy’s Park Model Downsize in Tiny House Community in Texas

Retiree’s Park Model w Crafting Room 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Tiny house parking can be tough to come by, so we are excited to announce a new tiny house community that is opening in Central Kentucky. Bluegrass Tiny Ridge has four spaces backed up to a ridge of trees with lovely views of farmland and wildlife.

Your lot rent of $450/month includes water, sewer, trash, street mailbox, package drop off, lockable 6×8 storage, mowed walking paths, group fire pit with shaded sitting area and lawn care. Electric and wifi will be separate charges.

“When we started this venture, our vision was to provide a peaceful setting and find the right mix of individuals looking for new and lasting friendships; a group that can share the joys (and experiences) of tiny house living.” – Kim & Arthur Hollis, Community Owners

Just two miles outside of Lancaster, KY, you are close enough to amenities while still able to enjoy a rural tiny life. To contact the owners about renting, fill out their form here.

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Four Lot Available Starting at $450/Month

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Homelessness is a problem in every city in the country, and many times when we see tiny homes we think, “We need more of these for the homeless!” Community First! Village in Austin, Texas took that idea and brought it to life, with 51 acres of property with more than 500 homes for the chronically homeless.

But they’ve gone beyond just building houses — they’ve built a community. Residents find family and friends at the village, as well as work on the premises. There’s an art house, automotive shop, forge, organic garden and so much more designed to give the neighbors at the community purpose. The FAQ page answers tons of questions about the village here.

One of the ways they get revenue for the park is through some tiny house rentals where anyone can stay during a visit to Austin! Check that out here.

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“Housing will never solve homeless, but community will.”

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No need to worry about parking this beautiful Serenity Tiny House at Little River Escape in Georgia! This house is for sale on a stunning lot, which you pay a monthly lot rental fee for.

The $450/month private wooded lot sits overlooking a creek, and includes water/sewer/garbage. The lots at the community are 3/4 of an acre on average, meaning there’s no “postage stamp” feeling here! The community sprawls through 50 acres atop Lookout Mountain, and comes with oodles of amenities including a pool, community fire pit, walking trails, 24-hour fitness room, dog park and more.

The home itself is 200 square feet, with tons of additional outdoor living space including a rooftop deck and screened-in porch. It comes fully furnished and there’s a king-sized bed up in the loft! Enjoy the photo tour, and contact Little River Escape about purchasing this beauty ($68,500 asking price).

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200 Sq. Ft. Serenity Tiny House with Lot Rent For Sale!

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Not only is this tiny house for sale, it’s currently at the Cedar Springs Tiny Village in Ohio, where they have 4 new spots open and ready for new tiny home dwellers. You could buy the house and rent a spot to park it all in one go!

The 20′ tiny house is for sale for $65,000 and lot rent is around $441 a month with 13 month+ lease. Inside, the THOW has an industrial feel, with red accents and luxury vinyl plank flooring. The loft bedroom fits a queen-sized bed and has a super cool reclaimed-wood-style headboard.

The home has stainless steel appliances, including a washer/dryer unit, and a 3/4 bathroom with a flush toilet. Enjoy the photo tour below and contact [email protected] to make an offer, or for additional information. You can also contact them about reserving a site at their village.

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THOW for Sale and Lot for Rent in Ohio!

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