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Get excited! The second phase of the ESCAPE Tampa Bay Tiny House Village, “The Oaks,” is nearing completion. That means that ESCAPE will be offering discounts on a select number of units for presale, starting on March 18th.

You’ll want to mark your calendar and head to this webpage to see the available units on March 18th. The first open house will be on April 1. These homes will be on sale in the low $100Ks and the monthly lot costs are $575- $725, which includes parking, garbage, water, septic, landscaping, ground maintenance & private deck. Contact ESCAPE for more information!

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It’s Almost Time to Buy Your Home at This Village!

The Oaks Tampa Village PreSale March 18 4

Images © ESCAPE

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When Brian first went tiny, he was embarrassed to tell anyone about his lifestyle change for fear that they’d judge him or think him unworthy because of his alternative lifestyle. But as people found out, he discovered they were far more positive and curious than he had imagined! Now he loves to tell everyone about his tiny home.

He lives in a 399 square foot park model tiny house in an Austin tiny house community, but when he wants to travel he grabs his 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan or his fancy motorcycle and heads out to adventure. Enjoy his interview and join his Tiny House Community Forum on Facebook (links below).

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399 Sq. Ft. Park Model & 1993 VW Eurovan

He has a tiny home and a van

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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This compact home in the Circle Pond Tiny Community in Florida is for sale for $50,000 with the option to keep it in place for $500/month. The lot fee includes water, sewer, garbage, lawn care, and electricity!

The beige home sits next to a palm tree. Inside has a modern feel, with a loft bedroom, black flooring, and aluminum cabinetry with more black accents. It has a little bathroom with a flush toilet and shower. Could this be your new home sweet home?

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Beige Tiny House on Wheels with Lot: $50K

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Charlene was a teacher until she retired at age 70 shortly after her father passed away and urged her not to “die in her classroom.” She and her husband had owned a 50-acre ranch which she continued taking care of when she lost him in 2007, but she was ready to downsize.

She looked at 7 or 8 different park models to find the perfect one for her needs, and ultimately chose this model for the galley kitchen and massive porch that allows her to spend half of her waking hours outside and entertaining company. Charlene carefully selected each option for her custom tiny and you can tell she loves this life!

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Retired Teacher Chooses Tiny Community Lifestyle

Charlene’s Park Model with Massive Porch & Outdoor Firep 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Kristen and Huck decided a few years ago that they were tired of “normal” life, so they downsized into an RV and started traveling. Eventually, they ended up in the town where Tiny Tranquility Park is, and started to feel settled in the area. They rented a tiny house from the park for two years before building their own.

Because Huck is a great cook, he wanted a kitchen with plenty of space for all of his needs. Their other priority was a spacious bathroom. They sacrificed a bit of living space, but they often hang out in the second loft! Their bedroom is in the main loft. Tell us what you think!

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Their Cedar-Clad Tiny Home in Tiny Tranquility Park with a Large Kitchen and Bathroom

Kristen and Huck’s Tiny with Huge Kitchen 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Kirk and Deb were looking for a cabin in the Arizona mountains when they came across the Luxtiny tiny house community. The open house convinced them that one of their tiny homes would be the perfect fit for their needs, and as Kirk says, the home hardly seems tiny! They have a generous great room, a full bathroom, and a bedroom on the main floor with a washer/dryer and a large closet.

As a woodworker and artist, Kirk has added many of his own special details to the house, including a stunning resin/epoxy coffee table and his own Game-of-Thrones-Inspired log throne on their spacious porch. After living at the community for a couple years, Deb and Kirk purchased another tiny house, so they have a place for friends and family to stay when visiting. How fun!

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And They Bought a Second THOW for Guests!

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Remember the Community First Village we told you about? Well now we want to tell you about The Field’s Edge, founded by a group of people who interned at Community First for four months so that they could replicate the awesome community-based system in Midland, Texas.

This group has been raising funding while finding RVs to house some of their homeless neighbors. They now have the property for their village and everything is coming together!

Construction began on Phase I in March 2021. Phase I includes the Mabee Foundation Community Center which houses The Field’s Edge offices, a behavioral and physical healthcare clinic space, a market, and a multipurpose great room. Also included in Phase I is the first “pod” of homes which includes 9 single-occupant tiny homes for the chronically homeless, one missional home, and a commercial bath, kitchen, and laundry facility that we lovingly call the Bathhouse. Construction of Phase I will be completed in June 2022.

The Village sits on 23.5 acres inside of the city limits of southwestern Midland and will eventually have 10 “pods” of homes, 90 homes for the chronically homeless, and 10 homes for missional residents who voluntarily live on site to help cultivate community.

This is so great! Could your community use a village like this?

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Midland, Texas Homeless Community Set to Open June 2022

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Today we’re excited to introduce the beautiful Eclipse Cottages, built with low-maintenance SIP panels and including rainwater catch base filtration systems, greywater reuse systems, and other amazing sustainable options! They come with a few layout options and plenty of customization color/finish-wise.

Right now, these cottages are only available to be placed in one of Eclipse’s three tiny house villages in South Carolina, but eventually, they will build and ship them to the general public.

Did I say tiny house village? Yes! Stay tuned for a more in-depth post about the communities, but you can head over here and here to learn more about two of them (which are currently taking residents) and here for a third one in production. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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399 Sq. Ft. Sustainable SIP-Built Cottages

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Martha had been wanting to go tiny for a long time and one day she came across Randy and Incredible Tiny Homes on YouTube. She stayed up all night watching his videos, found out about his community, got in touch with them, and put down a deposit — all in a couple of days!

She loves her one-floor tiny home, dubbed the “Death Star” by her neighbors. As an avid Star Wars fan, she also loves the name. Most of all, though, she loves the community! Every day she has coffee or lunch or dinner or walks with neighbors who are all living tiny just like she is.

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Her Slice of Heaven in the Incredible Forest Community

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