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This is an owner-built Tumbleweed Cypress tiny house on wheels that’s for sale in Wimberly, Texas. It’s 7 ft x 21 ft, and features a king-sized sleeping loft and second storage loft. The first owners did the stunning rough-edge cedar exterior, and the current owners finished out most of the interior.

The plumbing for water isn’t finished yet and the bathroom is a complete blank slate for you to design however you’d like! The bathroom walls are just concrete board and plywood at the moment, but the build comes with an on-demand gas water heater that was never hooked up, a shower pan, and small Ikea sink.

In the kitchen the couple used a convection oven, Instant pot and induction cook top for meals, and there’s a full-sized refrigerator. A space heater and fan have provided heating and cooling to date, but a mini-split install is something you can do further down the road.

The couple is selling the THOW for $27,000 to help cover the costs of the small farm they are purchasing. For more information and to make an offer, head over to Tiny House Marketplace.

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Buy Your Own Tumbleweed Cypress Tiny House

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Here’s the gorgeous HÄUSLEIN Little Sojourner Tiny House that’s currently for sale! HÄUSLEIN is a tiny house company in Australia, named in honor of their German heritage as well as their dedication to quality German construction.

While this house is amazing all the way around, its coolest features are by far the optional slide-out and the little laundry chute from the bedroom loft into the laundry area. How brilliant!

You can purchase this home for $89,900 (plus about $7,000 if you want the appliances and furniture included). Contact the builder here to ask questions or express your interest. Sold.

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Slide Out & Laundry Chute in the Little Sojourner Tiny House

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Here’s another tiny home from ESCAPE that’s headed to their Tampa tiny house village (and you can buy it!): It’s the Traveler XLS, and this one is 33 ft long and an extra foot wider than the standard model.

You’ll find the downstairs bedroom is exactly what so many of you have been asking for: It’s spacious, fits a queen bed, has plenty of storage and you don’t have to climb a ladder or stairs to get in bed.

It’s discounted by $14,000 through 4/8/2020, so act now if you want this one. Click here to purchase. Spec sheet with pricing and options at the bottom of this page.

Traveler XLS Wide Version Headed to ESCAPE Tampa Village

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This itty-bitty tiny house on wheels is absolutely adorable and truly “tiny” — and it could be yours! It’s for sale in the Phoenix, Arizona area for $4,900.

The cozy space is brimming with character and has just enough room for a couch that turns into a twin-sized bed (no loft!) and a beautiful compact kitchenette with a sink and storage. There’s also an exterior storage shed to hide more of your belongings.

Marsha is retiring and moving cross-country. Rather than hauling the THOW, she plans to sell it and build a new one after the move. You can contact her via Craigslist.

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Just $4,900: Itty Bitty THOW for SALE

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Looking for a tiny house on wheels that has a private first-floor bedroom? The latest THOW from Forever Tiny Homes fits the bill (and it’s for sale!).

You’ll walk from the kitchen into the bathroom, and then through a pocket door into the cozy space that fits up to a queen-sized bed. There’s also a loft accessible via a staircase that has room for a king bed, meaning you could easily sleep 4 in this 25 ft. long tiny home. The home also includes a full kitchen with a double sink, propane range and oven, and a larger 10.1 cubic foot refrigerator. This model is in stock, which means you can purchase it today for $56,600. Contact the builder here.

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Here’s a Modern Shed-Style Tiny House on Wheels for Sale Built by Forever Tiny Homes

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This is a quality custom tiny house on wheels built by two craftsmen (one with 3 years of tiny living experience) that’s now for sale. While one of the craftsmen, Corey (@coreydoesit on Instagram), intended to live in this home with his wife, the couple are now expecting a baby and decided to sell the THOW and have a little more space for their new addition.

The home is solar-ready, N.O.A.H.-certified, and never-been-lived-in. Be sure to check out the full video tour below! Get all the details/specs/price for the house here.

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N.O.A.H.-certified Tiny House on Wheels for Sale Built by Sonoma County Craftsmen

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This is another Kokosing model by Modern Tiny Living in Columbus, Ohio called the Koko 2.

It features the same amazing living room design (that doubles as extra sleeping!) that we saw in the original Kokosing, but this one dons a whole new color scheme that I love: White cabinets coupled with black appliances. Instead of the cottage vibe of the first version, this one feels sleek and modern.

Get more details below and contact Modern Tiny Living via the form at the end of the post if you’d like to purchase Koko 2. Enjoy!

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Koko 2: New Kokosing Model With A Modern Feel

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This is the SoCo Tiny Homes 20 ft. Tiny House on Wheels that’s for sale in Woodland Park, Colorado.

The little spot features two bedroom lofts, a great kitchen, and plenty of space in the living/dining area. I like that there’s a folding table for eating and working attached to the wall. They are asking $39,900 and there are tons of details about the home’s specifics below the picture tour.

If you want to purchase, get in touch with the builder via the contact form. As always, enjoy!

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SoCo Tiny Homes 20 Ft. Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

Images via SoCo Tiny Homes

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This is Eric’s Redwood Tiny House that’s currently for sale near El Cajon, California. He reduced the price to $58,000.

The little dwelling has beautiful (you guessed it!) redwood exterior and boasts 250 square feet of living space. Step inside and you’ll find a lot of warm wood accents and industrial pipe fixtures to give it a cozy feel. Be sure to take the video tour to see it all!

Get all the details and price below, and contact Eric via the form if you want to buy the home. Enjoy the pictures!

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Eric’s Redwood Tiny House in California

Images via Eric

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