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German Master Cabinet Maker Builds THOW For Sale in British Columbia

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Here’s a spectacular THOW for Sale in British Columbia, built by a German Master Cabinet Maker. The exterior features a lovely blend of metal and wood siding, while inside has a mixture of plywood and tongue and groove boards.

At 32 feet long, this THOW is quite spacious, with plenty of head space in the Master Loft, and a bathroom that won’t make you feel claustrophobic. The unique light fixture in the living room (which also fits a large comfy couch), is a lovely touch.

Check out the photo tour below and contact the seller (home is priced at $99,000) at Tiny House Marketplace.

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THOW in British Columbia by German Cabinet Maker: $99K

Wow! Look at that amazing light fixture!

Love the big picture windows.

Those steps to the loft are super unique!

Sneaky pull-out table in the kitchen.

Love that there’s an oven and larger fridge.

Cute pulls on the cabinets.

Spacious bathroom!

Awesome hanging closet storage.

As you can see, plenty of head space!


  • Dimension: 32’x8.5’x13’2”
  • Square feet:
    -ground floor: 228
    -bedroom loft: 103
    -storage loft: 33
  • Cedar beam construction
  • Insulation:
    -roof and floor: rigid foam R22
    -walls: rock wool R14
  • General:
    -new flat deck trailer by Trailerman, triple axle, electric brakes, up to 21000lb
    -under floor construction: aluminum, cannot rot
    -plywood and T&G board walls
    -ground floor: 3/4 Douglas fir T&G plywood, dark tung oiled
    -4 x solar panels (760W) + inverter/charger GoPower IC-3000
    -6 x AGM deep cycle batteries
    -2 x 60lb propane tanks + auto switch-over
    -all LED, most dimmable
    -2 x outdoor power plugs
    -entrance sliding door
    -2 x marine portholes
    -2 outdoor motion-sensor solar lights
    – lockable outdoor equipment shed (propane tanks, solar equipments)
  • Kitchen:
    – “Dometic” LP 3 burner gas range
    – “Unique” solar fridge/freezer 260L/9.0 cu. ft.
    – “HG Power” kitchen fan
    – “Kraus” kitchen sink + pull down faucet
    – 250L water tank
    – “shurflo” water pump
    – Life edge countertop,
    – Doors and drawers: soft close
    – Sliding table soft close treated with food safe hardwax-oil+ stools
  • Bathroom:
    – “Delta” humidity sensing fan
    – “Eccotemp i12” on demand propane water heater NG/LP
    – LED mirror + anti-fog
    – Copper sink + faucet
    – Countertop treated with food safe hardwax-oil
    – Rain shower
    – Compost toilet (cold water pipe installed in case)
    – Sliding door with soft close
    – Solar info displays on the wall
  • Lounge:
    – “Dickinson” propane cozy cabin heater
    – “Salamander Hobbit” wood stove
    – 2 person couch + couch table treated with food safe hardwax-oil
    – Wooden beam hanging light
  • Bedroom:
    – Queen size mattress
    – cable free LED reading lights
    – Floating clothe shelf
    – Cedar stairs to bedroom + plug-in motion sensor
    – Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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This post contains affiliate links.

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{ 4 comments… add one }
  • James D.
    June 21, 2020, 1:30 am

    British Columbia is in Canada, unless otherwise noted prices are local to seller, so that means the$99K is CAD, which in USD converts to $72,757.97…

  • Lara
    June 21, 2020, 2:45 am

    Credit should go to Matt from https://www.instagram.com/thecoastalclassic/ for the layout, staircase, cathedral ceiling idea, etc.

  • D. Pedersen
    June 22, 2020, 2:03 am

    That can not be a professionel German cabinet maker – who is actually educated as a cabinet maker – They usually make way better quality. German craftsmanship is in a league of its own. They have a very long tradition of cabinet making and education.

    And what is it with that missing step? Looks weird.

    • James D.
      June 22, 2020, 10:28 pm

      Two things to keep in mind about craftsmanship…

      1) Good primarily refers to it being well build but there’s no guarantee it will have the appearance you prefer as every craftsman and client can have completely different preferences/styles that won’t all fit a stereotype…

      2) Overly intricate designs/details can significantly increase the costs. Just high end kitchen cabinets can cost over $20,000 if they go all out. So imagine the cost when extending that to a whole house, even a tiny one… Budget often determines how high end they can go and how much work is cost effective to invest into it…

      As for the missing step, same reason most do it because it gives a stopping point to transition more easily in and out of the loft. Otherwise, steps going all the way up means you will have to watch out for hitting your head against the ceiling and/or need to contort and compress yourself to fit, which can be precarious on steps where you can lose your balance or slip.

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