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This is an adorable micro THOW designed by Cahill Works as a little guest suite or office, but of course, the super-minimalist could find a way to make it a home sweet home. It comes in at just 105 sq. ft. with no loft, which helps it feel extra spacious inside.

The walls are maple and the decor is a sleek black. You could replace the futon with a desk in order to make it office space. What do you think about it? It’s for sale in California for $72,500.

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14 ft. Modern Mobile Office or Guest Room

Cahill Works 105 sq. ft. Tiny Guest Suite

Images via Cahill Works

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While we have seen pull-out beds before, they are remarkably under-utilized in most tiny homes. It’s a great way to get a ground-floor sleeping space in shorter THOWs that usually rely on lofts.

This brand new build from an Atlanta tiny house builder is up for sale on Facebook, and it actually separates the kitchen and bathroom on opposite sides of the house which I know some people really like. Let us know what you think!

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16-Foot Brand New THOW for $60,000

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Here’s the Catalina, an all-new model from Modern Tiny Living, designed to meet the demand for a luxury tiny home that had a ground-floor bedroom. It also has a loft area to act as another bedroom, storage, or even office space, and wait until you see the bathroom!

While MTL offers customization on colors and finishes, I am in love with what they chose for this model. Straying from the white farmhouse vibe that’s so popular right now, this tiny home features sage green, grey accents, and gorgeous rich wood tones. Tell us what you think!

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Full Soaking Tub in this Amazing Tiny Home!

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Tina purchased this beautiful tiny home from the first owners in 2018. She has used it as a lovely weekend residence in Lodi, CA since then, meaning it hasn’t seen much wear and tear.

She is looking for a particularly special person to appreciate her home and give it a new life! The house is for sale, and Tina’s contact information is posted below. Enjoy the tour!

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Tina’s Tiny Home in Lodi, CA for $84K

Weekend Getaway THOW for Sale 11

Images via Tina

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The Lancaster is Liberation Tiny Home’s newest tiny house model, and it doesn’t disappoint.

In the stunning u-shaped kitchen you’ll find bench seating, a flip-up counter top, and a blend of open and closed shelving. The living room sits in the middle of the tiny house, with a bench storage couch facing not one, but TWO TVs! A curved staircase takes you to the main sleeping loft, while an iron bar ladder accesses the other one. Across the home you’ll find the full bathroom.

This model starts at $89,000, and you can go to Liberation’s website to add upgrades and schedule your build! Enjoy the photo tour below.

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28′ Custom THOW w/ Nautical Feel

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Check out this awesome new house for sale:

The Wabi-sabi tiny house was built in 2018 in Terrebonne and Portland, Oregon. The shell was built with the help of professional builders at @harmonwickedwoodworking. The owner then finished the interior with lots of hand-crafted love. The design employs a multi-level design, with the main room raised by 22″. This creates drop-downs into the the bathroom and kitchen, with the two lofts creating a third level. The tiny tea nook looking out a large window below the secondary loft adds even another level. Combined with the hardwood French Doors, dropped axles for 4 extra inches of height, an abundance of windows, the levels make the house feel spacious. An added bonus is that there is a huge space under the main floor for storage.

Pictures and builder contact are below after the photo tour!

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Tiny Home w/ Custom Woodwork for Sale: $80K

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 24

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

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This couple purchased a plot of land in the Pacific Northwest that happened to have a tiny house shell and trailer already onsite! Since he’s a master carpenter and she has experience in interior decorating, they decided to finish it themselves and sell their creation.

The result is a unique blend of modern, industrial and Scandinavian design elements that really meld into a masterpiece. I’m in love with it! And it’s for sale!

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Master Carpenter and Interior Decorator Couple Finish This Tiny House Shell To Sell 🙂

Alexandra Boyd’s 270 Sq Ft THOW For Sale 19

Images via Alexandra Boyd

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This is a gorgeous build by Thimble Homes that’s all set up to be an Airbnb. It’s for sale and comes with all the furnishings (which is awesome, because the turquoise plates are adorable).

The living room features an amazing u-shaped couch that looks incredibly comfortable, and there’s a loft bedroom right above it. The kitchen has tons of character, and the bathroom is definitely vacation-worthy.

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24-ft. Tiny House On Wheels by Thimble Homes

29 Ft Northwoods 2

Images via Thimble Homes

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This is a beautiful 28 foot THOW built by Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses that’s on sale for $2k off the list price. The coolest thing about this home is the split loft system — they put the bedroom underneath the living room, eliminating the need to climb stairs/ladder to get to bed.

There is a standard loft on the other side of the home, and both areas are accessible via storage steps. The kitchen has all the standard appliances, and there’s a washer/dryer hookup in the bathroom so you don’t need a laundromat. Enjoy the photo tour below, and get in touch with the seller with questions/offers here.

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This THOW has a Funky Split Loft System!

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