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$20K OFF! Year End Sale on eBoho XLSW!

Get excited for this year-end sale from ESCAPE tiny homes! Here’s an extra long and wide eBoho model that’s for sale with a steep $20K discount from now until the end of the year. It’s a single-level model with a private bedroom, so it’s great for anyone who hates ladders.

If you happen to live in South or Central Florida, you can get this model delivered with free shipping, which is a nice touch! Check out the video tour below to see the built-in sleeper couch, the complete kitchen with all-electric appliances, and the full bathroom with a washer/dryer unit. Get it today for $80,572.

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$80.5K For Brand New ESCAPE eBoho — Extra Wide!

eBoho XLSW Exterior

Images via ESCAPE

There’s a built-in fold-out couch with storage underneath.

eBoho XLSW Exterior 3

Images via ESCAPE

Gorgeous butcher block countertops!

eBoho XLSW Exterior 4

Images via ESCAPE

The view from the bathroom. So much light through these windows!

eBoho XLSW Exterior 2

Images via ESCAPE

The mini-split keeps things comfortable.

eBoho XLSW Exterior 9

Images via ESCAPE

The flip-up tables provide office and eating space.

eBoho XLSW Exterior 10

Images via ESCAPE

You get a queen bed with plenty of walk-around space.

eBoho XLSW Exterior 6

Images via ESCAPE

There’s a full bathroom with a washer/dryer unit as well.

eBoho XLSW Exterior 8

Images via ESCAPE

VIDEO: Boho XLS Wide


Year-End Clearance on this one-of-a-kind, beautiful model available now! This new, all-electric eBoho XLS Wide has a warm white interior and loads of great features including being longer and 12″ wider than a regular Boho XL, giving you more usable living space to add your personal touch. Step inside and you’ll find an oversized, private bedroom with a walk-around queen bed and plenty of built-in storage, plus USB outlets. The large living room features a fold-flat couch, Smart TV and versatile flip tables for work or dining, plus the terrific kitchen has butcherblock countertops with a deep sink and stainless appliances. The big bathroom boasts a stone vanity with lots of storage, plus a large tub/shower…great for getting ready each day! No matter the weather, this unit also has full climate control with a HE A/C Split System which ensures you’re always comfortable in each season. Watch video of unit by clicking here.

Save on Shipping: If you are having this delivered anywhere in Central or South Florida, delivery is Free…there are reduced shipping costs also for those of you in the SE US.

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  • California building Inspector
    December 21, 2023, 8:21 am

    during a evacuation your life will haveto stay behind,the load is too wide.permits needed over 8.6 wide.lots of money on the side of road.

    • James D.
      December 23, 2023, 8:53 pm

      It can be the case but not for everyone. It’s not that hard to get permits, some can be done online and there’s even a few that can be even regional and cover up to a long period for regular usage.

      While evacuations don’t always have to be under an emergency, last minute, conditions, with days to weeks of leeway time in many cases. Additionally, not all evacuations need to be over a long distance and local rules differ and don’t always require a permit to move something oversize.

      The main constant issue is costs but this can be sometimes be mainly the cost of the tow vehicle and the actual cost of distance traveled. Since, tiny homes can be very heavy, consuming a lot of fuel to move, and not everyone can afford to keep a sufficiently heavy duty tow vehicle on hand at all times.

      However, sufficient planning and budget can make any home movable and be done in a timely manner. Tiny homes are just generally not intended to be moved very often, some are even intended to be placed permanently, even if it remains within road legal size constraints.

      So, it can make more sense to get an RV instead of a tiny house if ease of mobility is the priority. Though, even an RV may need to be left behind in some cases and people aren’t always prepared or act in a timely manner, which can make it difficult to evacuate at all and some emergencies give no warning and can already happen by the time danger is realized… Making it depend a lot on the specific situation…

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