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This is a barn/shed tiny house conversion for under $20k out of Hutto, Texas, according to the listing on Tiny House Marketplace.

It’s a 12 x 24 unit with a loft, custom stairs, wood floors, plumbing, electric, hot water heater, refrigerator, and a slightly unfinished bathroom. It was originally built in 2017. What do you think?

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12×24 Barn/Shed To Cabin Conversion For Sale For $19,500

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This is a school bus turned tiny cabin that’s actually an Airbnb rental out of Cedar Creek, Texas featured thanks to Scott & Ashley of The Hive Drive Bus.

The 250-sq.-ft. bus cabin can sleep up to four guests and features a fully renovated interior.

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School Bus Turned Tiny House Rental Near Austin, Texas

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This is to show you some really-cool graffiti art done by Justin Lopez behind a clawfoot tub, inside of a newly-built Texas shotgun cottage by Plum Construction.

It’s one of the many small cottages with tiny house style designed and built by Christine and her crew, by Plum Construction, out of Galveston, Texas. What do you think? Pretty cool, right?

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Clawfoot Bath Tub with Graffiti Art in this Beautiful Tiny Texas Cottage

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This is a 16×34 cottage cabin by Kanga Room Systems which is part of their Cottage Studio Luxe lineup. It’s a beautiful small home with tiny house-style, but more space. Kanga (Instagram) offers a variety of structures from tiny-to-small. They also offer kits, studios, sheds, cabins, tiny homes, and the like.

This one is approximately 544-sq.-ft. on the main floor, plus there’s loft space which is used as a second bedroom but could be used as storage, office space, or whatever else one would like. The main level features a covered porch (16′ x 6′), spacious living area with vaulted ceilings, kitchen, bathroom, and full bedroom. What do you think?

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544-sq.-ft. Kanga Cabin With Covered Porch And Add’l Loft Bedroom/Office/Hobby Room/Storage

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This is the story of a couple in their 30’s who are mortgage and debt-free after building their own DIY tiny house on wheels. According to the Tiny Home Tours/YouTube interview and tour, it took them about 9 months to build and they have been living in it for over two years now.

They even added an amazing deck to expand their living space outside. This really makes having friends over nice, doesn’t it? Way to go Ericka and Jason for going tiny and being debt-free in your 30’s! That’s the way to do it!

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30’s Couple Mortgage And Debt-free After Building Their Own Tiny Home

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This is the Last Stand TX Liebesnest. It’s a shipping container to tiny house conversion out of Stonewall, Texas that’s available on Airbnb.

It’s a 320-sq.-ft. shipping container turned tiny home with a sliding glass door, kitchen, bathroom, and a queen bed. What do you think?

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Last Stand TX Liebesnest 320-sq.-ft. Shipping Container Tiny House Conversion in Stonewall, Texas (Airbnb)

Last Stand TX 320-sq-ft Shipping Container Conversion via Airbnb-Amy 001

Images via Airbnb/Amy

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