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This is Hank’s famous skoolie! It’s a widely-shared bus conversion that he built back in 2013. Because he no longer really uses it, he can’t justify continuing to hold on to it. So he’s making it available at a seemingly very reasonable price, but it does need some repairs. According to the listing on Tiny Home Builders Marketplace, it’s a 225-square-foot rolling home.

The bus is a 1998 Bluebird and it has a CAT 3116 with 225k miles and an automatic transmission. All brake components need replacing (rotors/calipers/lines) and the tires should be replaced before any long distance driving because they’re dry. Asking price is $12,000 in “as is” condition.

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Hank’s $12k School Bus Conversion Available in Oxford, Wisconsin

Hanks 12k School Bus Conversion For Sale Photo via Hankdb Tiny House Marketplace

Images via Hankb/tinyhomebuilders.com

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This is a 1999 Bluebird School Bus Conversion for $11,000 in the Portland Craigslist.

It has a 6.5L Chevy Chassis, diesel engine, with approximately 214,000 miles on it.

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$11k Bluebird School Bus Conversion (Sold)

$11k Bluebird School Bus Conversion

Images via Craigslist

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This is a $10k School Bus Conversion that’s for sale in the Portland Craigslist (now sold).

It’s a 1986 International and it’s been used as a self-contained unit. In other words, it needs work to be road-worthy but is currently livable.

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$10k School Bus Conversion in Portland, Oregon on Craigslist

$10k School Bus Conversion in Portland Oregon on Craigslist

Images via Craigslist

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