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If you’ve been dreaming of embarking on a road trip in a home on wheels, then this 1991 Skoolie might just be your perfect companion. Listed for $60,000 by C&T Vans, this converted bus is a testament to the possibilities of a mobile lifestyle.

The Skoolie is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and boasts a range of features that make it a comfortable and practical living space. It’s built on an International Bus model and has clocked 225,000 miles. Despite its mileage, the listing boasts that the 7.3L Diesel engine still drives incredibly well and starts up on the first try every time.

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Road Trip Ready: A Tour of a Beautifully Converted 1991 Skoolie

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This awesome family of five finished their bus conversion in February 2023, and have spent the cold winter months on the road. They can return to their home base in Central NY during the summer, where they work and save up money again for another long-term trip.

They did the entire bus build without accruing any debt, just spending the extra that they had on what they could afford. It took them about 2 years, doing all the work themselves, to create their bus home. Enjoy the photo tour and be sure to read the Q&A we did with them below!

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They Live Half the Year In Their Skoolie

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This is the story of Julie, a single mom in New York City who built a school bus tiny home on a budget.

She used her tax return to acquire a school bus at a low cost and slowly turned it into a beautiful, debt-free, tiny home for her and her son. What do you think?

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She Built a School Bus Tiny House on a Budget


Images via FLORB/YouTube

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This is a short school bus with a raised roof for sale. It’s listed over at the Conversion Trader for $31,000 out of Bend, Oregon which means one could go pick it up and be able to visit The Last Blockbuster while there.

Anyway, back to the school bus – it has a gas engine with 200,000 miles on it and you can learn more about it below. What do you think of this conversion?

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Raised Roof Short School Bus Conversion For Sale in Oregon

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This is the skoolie that started it all for YETIBUS Builds. It’s the school bus conversion of Kyle Volkman, co-founder of YetiBus, who literally raised the roof with his first skoolie build.

The bus is a 1986 International. According to YetiBusBuilds.com, he has lived in it for 7 years full-time, and another 4 years part-time before that. Kyle would drive it around to different tiny house shows, and so he started getting hired to do conversions for other people when showing his bus around the country. So the company was named after this very first bus. This skoolie has lots of features, most notably, it’s powered by vegetable oil!

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The Original YETIBUS Skoolie With 12″ Roof Raise

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This is the story of Brett and Jade Evans of Expedition Evans. They’re a married couple who have been living out of their ‘shortie-skoolie’, a short school bus conversion that they built themselves. After living the van life for a few years they saved up enough for a sailboat and ended up with a wrecked Beneteau 49 after winning it at auction.

So they have been spending their 2020 quarantine time fixing the damage and remodeling it into their perfect floating tiny home. Unfortunately due to the lockdown, they lost their jobs, but they are focused on redefining the odds for themselves and inspiring others to do the same through their YouTube Channel which has been growing fast. Take a look and learn more about their incredible story below.

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From Van Life To Rebuilding a Wrecked Sailboat, But It All Started With This Short School Bus. Here’s How They Converted It.

Married Couples Short Skoolie Conversion Expedition Evans 001

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Jeremy had really never traveled before. He had a good-paying job and owned his own home, but he didn’t want to live his life feeling like he should have done something different and didn’t — so he found an awesome bus conversion on Ebay, bought it, and has been living on the road now for 3 years.

His dog, Norm, is famous on Instagram and Jeremy makes a living doing to his photography work and taking pictures of Norm, all while traveling in his bus. He has made conversions to the bus to make it more livable, including creating a separate bedroom and adding a bathroom in the back. Allison over at Tiny Home Tours did an awesome video interview and tour of the bus with Jeremy, which you can check out below.

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Photographer and His Dog Traveling by Bus

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This is a low mileage 1992 Thomas Built Bus Conversion that’s SOLD. It’s Don Miller’s bus conversion.

It’s a wonderful motorhome that’s completely custom and remodeled. And it’s great for boondocking too because it’s set up to be completely off-grid functional. Pretty cool, right? There’s a fun story behind it too, so I hope you’ll enjoy it below. Thanks.

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Low-Mileage 1992 Thomas Built Bus

Low-Mileage 1992 Thomas Built School Bus For Sale 001

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Danny loves to read books, bake, sew and practice yoga and this is his incredible solar-powered bus conversion which he designed with space for all of his hobbies!

There’s open shelving everywhere for him to tuck his book collection; an oven and oodles of counter space for bread-baking; a table with space for his sewing machine and craft supplies; and last but definitely not least: A rooftop yoga porch!

After living in New York City for 33 years, Danny (@buswithnoname on Instagram) desired a slower pace of life and more time outdoors, so he made the leap and truly created a HOME on wheels.

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Super Storage in this Solar-Powered Bus Conversion And It Has A Rooftop Platform For Yoga!

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