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This is a short school bus with a raised roof for sale. It’s listed over at the Conversion Trader for $31,000 out of Bend, Oregon which means one could go pick it up and be able to visit The Last Blockbuster while there.

Anyway, back to the school bus – it has a gas engine with 200,000 miles on it and you can learn more about it below. What do you think of this conversion?

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Raised Roof Short School Bus Conversion For Sale in Oregon

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This is the skoolie that started it all for YETIBUS Builds. It’s the school bus conversion of Kyle Volkman, co-founder of YetiBus, who literally raised the roof with his first skoolie build.

The bus is a 1986 International. According to YetiBusBuilds.com, he has lived in it for 7 years full-time, and another 4 years part-time before that. Kyle would drive it around to different tiny house shows, and so he started getting hired to do conversions for other people when showing his bus around the country. So the company was named after this very first bus. This skoolie has lots of features, most notably, it’s powered by vegetable oil!

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The Original YETIBUS Skoolie With 12″ Roof Raise

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This is a low mileage 1992 Thomas Built Bus Conversion that’s SOLD. It’s Don Miller’s bus conversion.

It’s a wonderful motorhome that’s completely custom and remodeled. And it’s great for boondocking too because it’s set up to be completely off-grid functional. Pretty cool, right? There’s a fun story behind it too, so I hope you’ll enjoy it below. Thanks.

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Low-Mileage 1992 Thomas Built Bus

Low-Mileage 1992 Thomas Built School Bus For Sale 001

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This is the story of Travis and Destoni’s school bus tiny home, online they are known as Sloth High Five (Instagram). Prior to embracing the bus life, they were deep in debt, working like crazy, and feeling like they were not making any forward progress. That’s when they decided to throw away the “rules” that they had been taught.

So they made some bold moves… They sold their home, took the equity and paid off their debt and used what was left over to buy and build out the school bus which cost them approximately $19,000. Now they get to travel quite a lot, and to make money, they simply stop in places they love and take seasonal jobs. This is what they’ve been doing for about a year, and so far, they absolutely love it. Be sure to watch the full video tour and interview with them below thanks to our friends over at the Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel.

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Couple Sell House in Florida, Pay Off Debt, And Build A School Bus Conversion For $19k

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This is the story of Denise and her school bus conversion tiny home that she built after getting diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago. She didn’t want traditional treatments, and going the non-traditional route meant insurance wasn’t going to cover her treatment here in the United States.

So she sold her house, her car, and just about everything she owned to build this school bus and be able to afford her treatments. With it, she plans to travel the country for as long as she can.

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After Health Diagnosis, She Sold It All And Built A School Bus Tiny Home to Afford Her Treatments And See The Country

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This is a 1994 Blue Bird School Bus Conversion for 50k that’s for sale out of Redding, California.

We have had a great time in this bus and have been to some amazing places. Its now time for another family to take it on its next journey. It has 150,000 miles on a 12v cummins 5.9L with an Allison transmission. Its a total of 38 feet with the rear deck.

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Blue Bird Skoolie Conversion for 50k (For Sale)

Couples Blue Bird Skoolie Conversion for 50k 001

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This is the story of Rachel and Adam’s (@soulfulbuslife) school bus conversion life with their pet bunnies, cats, and dog thanks to Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey.

Animal lovers, Rachel and Adam, converted a school bus into a tiny home to live the bus life with pets, including two rabbits, two cats, and a senior dog.

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Couple w/ Two Rabbits, Two Cats, And A Dog’s School Bus Conversion Home

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This is the story of a big family (4 kids) living tiny in a school bus conversion!

Meet the Bhive Family and their awesome skoolie conversion. Come and meet them at the Florida Tiny Living Festival! They’ve been living in their skoolie for just over a year and you can learn a little more about them below.

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Big Family Living And Traveling in a School Bus Conversion

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This is the story of Parker’s short school bus conversion with a Murphy bed. It’s a very well thought out custom motor home called Bird the Bus!

I commonly talk to people who build Sprinter Camper Van conversions that have $50k-$80k invested in their rigs. I always try to convince people to consider the mini school bus conversion over a van. This video is a good example of why I think this. Enjoy!

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Short School Bus Conversion w/ a Murphy Bed!

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