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This is Michael Fuehrer’s amazing school bus conversion that can sleep up to six people. It’s called Navigation Nowhere.

He built it with the help of his dad and the design includes skylights, a rooftop deck, a multifunctional area that converts from a bed or couch to a large dining table, a full-service kitchen with plenty of space to prep and cook, a large pantry, a main floor bedroom that also converts into an office or a living room with a few adjustments, a rear storage area, and more!

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Michael’s School Bus Conversion Sleeps Six, Has Two Multi-functional Areas, And More!

Navigation Nowhere School Bus Tiny Home Conversion 001

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is Eden, a skoolie (school bus to motorhome conversion) tiny home that’s for sale out of Pennsylvania.

It’s a 2001 International Bluebird with a rebuilt dt466e Diesel motor. It has about 5,000 miles on it since it was rebuilt.

Brian, the owner, traveled across the US with it for six months and now is ready for another adventure so Eden is up for sale for $22,500 or best offer. Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments and/or get in touch with Brian if you’re interested in buying it using the contact form below. Thanks!

Eden Skoolie School Bus Conversion For Sale for $22.5k

Eden Skoolie School Bus Conversion For Sale 001

Images © Brian Howell

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This is the story of Ellen DegenerBUS. It’s a school bus tiny house that a young woman named Randy built for herself to escape high rent and live a simpler life!

She was able to buy and convert the school bus for about $13,000! That sure beats renting an apartment, doesn’t it?

Have you ever considered a school bus conversion like this?

Woman Escapes High Rent with her $13k Skoolie Tiny House Project

Ellen DegenerBUS Skoolie Tiny House 001

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is Johnny’s low cost skoolie school bus conversion tiny house!

Sometimes it is all about hitting the road regardless of everything else. This skoolie build is a perfect example of such a situation. No bells, no whistles. All you see in this build is what is needed to live full time on the road!

Could you see yourself hitting the road in a simple school bus conversion like this?

Young Man’s Low Cost School Bus Conversion ‘Skoolie’ Tiny Home!

Johnnys Low Cost Skoolie 001

Images © YouTube/Tiny Home Tours

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Tessa and Jacob from The Free to Wander Bus built this epic skoolie conversion for about $12,000 CAD ($9,244 USD), including the cost of the bus, new tires, and mechanical work to get it on the road.

The couple are firm believers in reducing their environmental footprint, which is why they decided to try living in a small space.

They have a cozy sitting area that doubles as a guest bed, a dining table with two stools, a spacious kitchen with a simple plumbing setup and lots of counter space, a wood stove for heat, and a double bed at the back, separated from the main living space by two large closets.

Couple’s Amazing Skoolie Bus Conversion on a Budget!

School Bus Tiny House Tour – Exploring Alternatives 4

Image © The Free to Wander Bus

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This is the Success Express School Bus Conversion by Charlie Kern of the Art Builders Guild and Look At That Bus.

It’s a beautiful Blue Bird conversion outfitted with solar panels and all! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

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The Success Express School Bus Conversion!

Success Express School Bus Conversion by Charlie Kern

Photos © Chrome Yellow Corp

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This is the story of Charlie Kern. He’s just a guy who had a problem. He needed a place to live!

So Charlie decided that he would convert a school bus into his own tiny home! Fast forward to today, and he’s turning school buses (and other things) into homes and/or other structures out of Denver, Colorado. Kern has even been featured on TV!

His company is called Art Builders Guild because they also build custom furniture for people and businesses. The bus conversion part of the company goes by Look At That Bus. Pretty cool, right? Learn more about Charlie’s work below. Thanks!

Charlie Kern’s Beautiful School Bus Conversion

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