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This cozy tiny house is 24 feet long and it has a sleeping loft with a staircase, two heat sources, lots of natural light, and a rustic cottagey interior design.

The current owner, John, bought the tiny house from a couple who lived in it off-grid for 2 years while they built their permanent home. It’s now located next to a lake in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, and you can rent this tiny house on Airbnb.

Couple Lives in Off-Grid Tiny House for 2 Years While Building their Permanent Home in Quebec… (Now It’s a Tiny House Rental)

Couple Lives in Tiny House for 2 Years While Building their Main Home - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is the story of how three used 20-foot shipping containers were turned into an epic waterfront off-grid tiny cabin in Portugal.

David from T-Rex Eco Container is an IT person with a passion for surfing.

He wanted to create the perfect surf getaway for himself…

So he built this incredible off-grid cabin in Portugal using three used 20-foot shipping containers.

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The result is this incredible waterfront tiny house made from recycled shipping containers!

Balcony and View – T-Rex Shipping Container – Exploring Alternatives Photo

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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Beige has been living fully off-grid in this tiny Mongolian yurt from Groovy Yurts for over 2 years now.

She doesn’t have electricity so she uses candles for light, she has a woodstove for heating and cooking, and she hauls in water from a nearby spring.

The only item that needs electricity is her phone, which she can charge in her car on her way to and from work.

She’s been living off-the-grid for 2+ years in a Yurt

She's been living off-the-grid for 2+ years in a Yurt - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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