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We’ve recently seen many wonderful, functional tiny homes right around that 30-foot length. It seems to be just long enough to allow for a bed on the first floor while still including living room, kitchen, and bathroom space.

There’s a small loft that would work great for storage and a lovely ceiling fan! The bathroom has space for laundry hookups along with a shower stall and residential toilet. It’s for sale in Utah — what do you think of this layout?

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Studio-Style Tiny House on Wheels for Sale

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This is another gorgeous tiny house model featuring the coveted ground-floor bedroom. The interior boasts tons of sunlight from the many large windows, and there’s even one that opens awning-style in the kitchen to really bring the outside in.

The home also has a traditional loft and a full bathroom and space for a washer/dryer. The galley kitchen is equipped for meal-making, and there’s plenty of storage in the staircase and in overhead cabinets for all your things. What do you think about this design?

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Modern Farmhouse from Liberation Tiny Homes

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Here’s your chance to get into tiny living for a great deal! This 360 square foot tiny house (not on wheels) is for sale in Massachusetts for just $25,000. With the prices of lumber these days and skyrocketing prices for everything else, it’s pretty rare to see a tiny house this inexpensive. You will have to pay the cost for removal, though.

The one-floor home has a gambrel-style roof and a full kitchen and bathroom. It would make a great candidate for a Murphy Bed, or maybe just a futon. You can contact the seller on Facebook Marketplace.

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Just $25,000 For This Brand New Tiny House

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Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses just completed this custom version of their “Jude” model — a 28 ft. THOW complete with a downstairs bedroom that fits a queen bed. This one is headed to Oregon to go to its new owners.

The Jude has a bathroom in the middle of the home, separating the bedroom area from the kitchen. It also has a extra stretch of bedroom loft allowing for more storage than usual. I really love the kitchen taking up the whole back wall of this home.

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Main Floor Bedroom in this 28′ Tiny Home

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This is one of the latest custom builds by Minimaliste, a tiny house builder in Canada. The 38 ‘x 10.5’ tiny home has two lofts, and a main floor bedroom with built-in closet storage.

In the living room, there’s space for an L-shaped couch with views out the sliding glass doors. The middle of the first floor is a huge galley kitchen with lots of custom cabinetry and even a dishwasher!

There’s a spacious bathroom with a tiled tub/shower, and a washer/dryer unit, and the loft above has standing room for getting dressed. You can contact the builder about getting your own Charme V2 Model here.

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Two Lofts, A Downstairs Bedroom & A Huge Kitchen!

Charme V2 Minimaliste 10

Images via Minimaliste

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Meet the Almont 2.0, a 16-foot tiny house trailer that packs in all you need and leaves out a hard-to-access loft space. A sofa bed provides a spot to sleep in the main living area.

The house also has a compact bathroom with space for a toilet and shower stall, and a kitchenette area with a sink, mini fridge, and counterspace where you could put a convection oven or hot plate. This THOW is a great option for those really wanting to pare down, and starts at less than $40K, making it one of the more affordable professionally-built tiny homes on the market these days.

Enjoy the photo tour below, and contact Homestead Tiny House Co. about your tiny home here.

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This 16-ft Tiny House is NOAH-Certified and Under $40K

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Builders are really starting to listen to consumers who want tinies without a loft bedroom, and “The Flat” model by Uncharted Tiny Homes is the perfect senior-friendly tiny house that would make a great granny pod!

They have two layouts (one with a separated bedroom, and one studio-style) and you get to choose the finishes as you’ll see below. You can truly make your tiny house fit your style!

This model sits on a 30 foot trailer and has 215 square feet with 10 foot ceilings that make it feel extra spacious. It starts at $70,000, and you can get in touch with the builder here.

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Downstairs Bedroom Senior-Friendly THOW

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Wanting a super cool and modern tiny house on wheels? This 26 foot home has all kinds of fun features (including LED lights that change color!) that you’re sure to love. Best feature? A downstairs bedroom!

Glass sliding doors lead into the kitchen and living area, where a sleek sofa and ultra-modern kitchen with aluminum countertops greet you. There’s a bathroom with a shower and composting toilet, and then on the opposite side of the home is that bedroom with another loft bedroom on top.

It’s being sold in South Carolina for $59,000. You can contact the seller here.

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$59K Tiny House in South Carolina: Modern Clubhouse

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Wow, this gorgeous 34 ft. THOW built by Tea Cup Tiny Homes in Canada has it all, including a downstairs bedroom and a mini dishwasher! It would make an awesome tiny house for a family because of the two additional loft sleeping areas.

It technically a certified park model, at 400 square feet and 10 feet wide. You’ll find a wood-burning stove and Separette toilet to help you go off-grid if you want to!

All the details are available after the photo tour below. They are asking $158,000 and you can contact them at Tiny House Marketplace.

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The Primrose by Tea Cup Tiny Homes For Sale

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