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Houseboats aren’t exactly popular in Sweden, but when done, they are done well! This one sits on a special ice-resistant float so it can stay in the frozen water all year long.

It’s set up as a vacation spot and includes a huge sauna, comfortable bedroom, and a full kitchen and office space. Double-glazed windows provide beautiful views of the surrounding ocean area.

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Nordic House Boat Built on a Concrete Float

Stockholm House Boat 2

Images via David Mustard

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All it took was a serendipitous six-hour bus ride to change Molli’s life forever. But I won’t spoil the awesome story of how she came to possess this former 70s party boat she has called home for the past six years.

The boat doesn’t sail, but it sits happily in the marina where Molli has a wonderful community of fellow boat-dwellers. She has done a huge overhaul of the interior, which includes a lovely bedroom, kitchen with a super retro 1950s oven, and even a giant bookcase for her library.

Personally I adore her boat garden, complete with tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, eggplant and more!

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You’ll Never Guess How She Got This Houseboat

Six Years on Her 70s Party Boat Turned Tiny Home

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Scott designed and built this awesome tiny house on wheels that floats! The “Heidi-Ho” is easily pulled in and out of the water, and driven down the road with a regular pickup truck and no special permits. And she’s for sale!

Located in Palm Desert, California, the houseboat is 30 ft long with 115 HP and sleeps 3. It has everything you’d need for a weekend or lifetime on the water, including a stovetop, fridge, composting toilet and shower.

She gained quite a bit of popularity online, and you can read more articles about her on the Heidi-Ho website here. What do you think? Would you live here?

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Cargo Camper on a Pontoon in Palm Desert, CA!

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Darcy, age 24, was about to buy her own home and jump into the world of mortgages, when her dad asked, “What about a boat?”

At first she thought he had to be kidding, but when he showed her the inside of this 60×12.5 widebeam, she saw a blank slate for her interior design skills (she designs kitchens for a living!). So she bought it, and has been living in it since February 2020 (although it’s only been in the water for a week).

She’s located outside of Nottinghamshire in England (follow her @boathousemidlands), and moors with a residential license which is cheaper than renting a place on her own. The size of the boat makes her wary of steering it on her own, but she gets to live on the water in the peace of nature instead of the hustle and bustle of city center!

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Darcy’s Sleek and Modern Boat Renovation

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This is the story of Olivia and Ryan and how they built their dream floating home using inspiration from floating house communities in British Columbia.

In this episode of Living Big In A Tiny House (YouTube) with Bryce Langston, he shows you an amazing house boat cottage in Auckland, New Zealand. Have you ever considered building a cottage on a floating platform, kind of like this?

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New Zealand Couple Living their Dream on a House Boat

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Olivia and her husband, Rob, have been living in a narrowboat in England for 7 years now! That’s an impressive amount of time for anyone to live in one place — let alone a tiny spot.

Originally the boat was only meant to offer them shelter temporarily while they saved up for a “normal” house, but once they got into tiny living, they never looked back. Not only can they move their home whenever they’d like, the simplicity of a minimalist life really suits them.

One great thing about their home: No loft! Olivia (@oliviakatewainwright) says the only real pain is emptying their toilet. Read our Q&A with Olivia after the photo tour of her floating home!

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Narrowboat Living for 7 years (with their dog)…

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Meet Jay Blackmore (@floatinthekoots) and his incredible DIY Off-Grid Floating Home that he spent four years building in his “spare” time.

Not only did he build it, but he also designed the entire thing and did all the work except the electrical and gas hookups (probably wise!). The home is about 700 square feet and includes an open concept living room and kitchen, and a second floor with two bedrooms. The home is heated in the freezing Canada winters by his pellet stove (or a back-up propane heater) and even some gas lamps!

Make sure to watch the video from Exploring Alternatives to hear Jay explain his incredible closed-loop system for his gray water!

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Kootenay Lake DIY Off-Grid Floating Home

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Le Koroc is a beautifully handcrafted tiny houseboat built by Richard’s company, Daigno, in Quebec, Canada.

From the outside, it’s hard to believe there’s a full kitchen, a full bathroom (with shower), a large dinette that converts into a bed, and another smaller eating area crammed into this micro cabin.  Not to mention the enormous deck for enjoying the water and fresh air!

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Woodworker Designs and Builds the Perfect Tiny Houseboat called the Le Koroc

Woodworker Designs and Builds the Perfect Tiny House Boat called the Le Koroc

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is a modern floating tiny home in Prague.

When you go inside, you’ll discover 387 sq. ft. of space on the first level with a living area, kitchen, and bathroom.

You’ll also find an upstairs sleeping loft with a skylight that looks over the main area of the home.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Floating Tiny Home in Prague

Tiny Floating Home in Prague 001

Images © Mjölk Architekti

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