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How would it feel to have all your credit cards, student loans, AND home paid off? Ask Shana! She sold her car and got a second job so she could make her debt-free tiny house living a reality. Now she and her two dogs live happily in a Tiny House Community in Durango, Colorado.

She had her home built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, and spent $50,000 on the build. While the 103.5 square-foot space is tight, it has everything she wanted including hidden appliances, a wood-burning stove, and a custom couch for her and her pups. Allison at Tiny Home Tours shared a fantastic video tour with Shana, so be sure to check that out below!

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She Sold Her Car & Has Zero Debt in Her Micro Tiny House!

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This is the story of Riley Slayden and Cece Monroe of LivingTiny.co.

When they wanted a way to own a house without debt, they decided they wanted to go tiny. And they did it by buying a 1982 shuttle bus and converting it into their own rolling tiny home! Please enjoy our exclusive interview with them to learn more. Thanks!

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Couple’s Shuttle Bus Turned Tiny Home

Couples Shuttle Bus Turned Tiny Home

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This is the story of a single father who wanted to simplify his life after divorce by living in a tiny house with zero debt so that he wouldn’t have to stress about money and be able to spend more quality time with his daughter.

So he converted a shed into his very own debt-free tiny home and has been living in it for over three years. He was even featured on HGTV! You can enjoy a video tour of his tiny home plus enjoy an interview with him below thanks to the folks at Our Journey to Bliss.

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Single Dad Turns a Shed into his Debt-free Family Tiny Home

Single Dad Turns a Shed into his Debt-free Tiny Home

Images © Our Journey to Bliss via YouTube

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This is the story of a young man who built his own off-grid tiny home in Maine when he was a teenager.

“Don’t be afraid to try things.” – Jesse 1

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Young Man Who Built His Own Off-Grid Tiny House As a Late Teen

Young Man Who Built His Own Off-Grid Tiny House As a Late Teen

Images © Dylan Magaster via YouTube

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Daniel Bond, a self-employed electrician, found it impossible to get approved for a mortgage. So he and his partner decided they would turn a double decker bus into their very own mortgage-free two bedroom home.

Inside it has everything a normal house has. A kitchen, lounge, bar, bathroom, and two bedrooms! And best of all, it’s debt-free. No mortgage? No problem.

Better yet, it’s on wheels, too. So if they ever have a major life change, they can just drive wherever they want or need to go.

Couple Build Debt-free Double Decker Bus Home


Images © BBC

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Many of you know the story of this guy already. And how he built his own debt-free tiny solar cabin in only two weeks for only $2k in cash. It’s certainly in inspiring story.

It was after a divorce and sudden illness that he found himself homeless. But he had inherited a small piece of land from a family member’s old homestead.

So eventually he set up camp on the lot with an older camper and his truck. Then, while working part-time, he started clearing the land, saving up the cash, and designing his 14′ by 14′ cabin of almost 400 sq. ft. including the loft space.

How This Man Built a Tiny Solar Cabin for $2k in 2 Weeks


Image © LaMar Alexander

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I’ve been wanting to introduce you to ShelterWise‘s 96 sq. ft. Salsa Box Tiny House on wheels so here it is. You might like this mobile micro cabin if you want a cozy and compact micro home for simple living and occasional traveling because it’s an easy to tow tiny home.

The one you’re seeing here is the 12′ model but it’s also available in 16′ and 20’ lengths. And everything about it works pretty much just like an RV (30 amp hookup and water connections). What might surprise you is what’s inside (full bathroom, kitchen, and queen bed for sleeping).

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Simple Living in 96 Sq. Ft. Micro House

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This is a guest story by a Tiny House Talk reader and now a DIY builder who built her own debt-free tiny home

Why in the world would a female member of AARP who has never built a thing in her life attempt to teach herself the skills necessary to build a tiny house?

There are a great number of people talking about tiny houses these days. That was not really the case when I got the idea for my tiny home. My idea stemmed from a logical practical need.

It didn’t begin as some magnificent business plan. It began quietly and simply, a possible solution to a very big and very real need. I’m not an architect. I’m someone who has spent her life seeing problems solved with common sense and perseverance.


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A Guest Post by Ethan – (Send us your tiny house story)

You might have last heard from me back in October/November about the first tiny home that my girlfriend Kelsey and I built and lived in outside of Austin Texas on an organic farm.

Well since that time my girlfriend and I were asked if we would be interested in selling our house and since I had already been considering building another one because building the first was so much fun we decided to take the offer on our house.

The man who bought our house also lived in our city and was interested in actually joining us in living on the farm in the house and paying the house off over time and since we had been wanting to expand the tiny house area of the farm which is called “Tiny Town” we thought that was a wonderful idea.


This conversation was had in late November and so we instantly got to work on the second house, because the first house was going to it’s new owner at the end of February.

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