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This is the Backyard Cottage Recording Studio designed by Microhouse.

Jon and Rita wanted to build a recording studio that would also serve as a guest cottage for friends and family.  We worked with them and an acoustical engineer to create a simple yet elegant backyard cottage. The cottage contains the recording studio, a kitchen, bath and a loft like bedroom.

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Backyard Cottage Recording Studio

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When this grandmother wanted to be closer to her daughter and her family she decided to build a 650 sq. ft. tiny cottage on their Seattle backyard which was already zoned for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

The home is designed by a Seattle architect who specializes in backyard cottages named Bruce Parker of MicroHouseNW.com.

This tiny home was tailor-made to compliment the property along with the meeting the owner’s needs just right. When you go inside you’ll find amazing views from the abundant windows along with a living area, vaulted ceilings, kitchen, bedroom, additional loft, and bathroom.

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Grandma builds a tiny home on her daughter’s property

Grandma Builds Tiny Cottage on Daughter's Seattle Property

Images © MicroHouseNW/SeattleBackyardCottage

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Right now I’d like to show you this 610 sq. ft. cottage by New Avenue Homes and tell you the story behind it.

When the homeowner’s daughter and her family were in need of a change she invited them to move in to her larger main house since they’re a growing family with two children.

This way, grandma can see her grandkids every day without having to drive anywhere, and she can live simply in a 610 sq. ft. cottage with less maintenance.

I see it as a total win-win because her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren get to be nearby. And they can share the costs associated with the entire property since they’re on a shared lot. It simplifies all of their lives.

As for the 610 sq. ft. cottage, it has a two bedroom design (one room is used as an office), kitchen, living area, and bathroom. To me this story is important because we don’t always have to go the extreme of a ‘tiny’ house to enjoy the benefits of a simple life. Please enjoy, talk about it in the comments, and re-share below.

Grandmother Moves to Small Cottage to Simplify Family Life


Images © New Avenue Homes

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