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Tiny Container House: 320 Sq. Ft. with Rooftop Deck

“It is with heavy hearts that we are selling the tiny container house that we designed and built for us on our family farm (www.resilientfarm.com), but family drama and conflict has caused us to leave the farm. Our short term intent was to use this for at least a weekend retreat, if not a full time residence and possibly add on to it with another container that was a bedroom/bath module if/once we had kids. Medium term we wanted to put it on a trailer and use it for a luxury travel trailer, and long term we thought we could give it to the kids as a honeymoon cabin and starter home, something to be passed on to future generations.

Beautiful 320 sq ft. tiny home with an additional 320 sq ft roof top deck.  Incredibly flexible layout currently set up with a chef’s kitchen, ample living room, full size bathroom, and office/bedroom. Perfect for a mother-in-law suite, Accessory Dwelling Unit, starter home behind a host-house, temporary home on land while the permanent home is being built, retirement home on rural acreage, or luxurious travel-trailer if put on a trailer.  This home is partially ADA compliant with a 36” wide hall and bedroom door, 32” bathroom door, blocking for grab rails around the toilet, etc… (This floor plan currently has no stairs, but the office/bedroom could be converted to a sleeping loft with storage below, an ATV garage if used as a hunting lodge, if set on a trailer could be an amazing Toy Hauler, etc…)

This is a “hi-cube” container, which is 9 ½” tall on the outside, and allows for a full 8.0’ ceiling inside along with room for ample insulation.  There is a ½” to 1” flash-coat of closed cell foam insulation (R6.5/inch) applied to the interior of  the walls and ceiling, as well as to the exterior underside, to control moisture and prevent air-infiltration.  Inside, there is foam board insulation between the container’s 1” plywood floor and the new plywood subfloor.  In addition to the flash coat of foam insulation, there are two layers of perpendicularly opposed fiberglass bat insulation in the ceiling; 3 ½” above the ceiling joists and 5 ½” between the ceiling joists, for a total of 9” of batt insulaton (R3.25/inch).  There is then 3 ½” of bat insulation within the wall stud cavities.  Even the interior bathroom walls are insulated to better control sound.  Because this home is constructed within a shipping container, there is a greatly diminished opportunity for air-infiltration, and we expect a high level of occupant comfort with incredibly low operating costs.

The home is heated and cooled by a Mitsubishi mini-split system (13,600btu heating/12,000btu cooling), rated at 26.1 SEER (!) .  There is a 100amp grid-tied electrical service, as well as an auxiliary 50amp (125/250v) hookup.  This auxiliary can be used at an RV park, if parked behind a host-house, or from a battery bank/photo-voltaic set-up.   Above one side of the kitchen wall cabinetry is a 8’ long framed and vented soffit specifically built to house a battery bank.  The home comes with 25’ of Service Entry Utility cable for the grid-tied hookup, and a 25’ 50amp auxiliary hookup cord.   Hot water is supplied by a propane on-demand hot water heater.  Windows are low-e, argon filled, double-hung Jeld-Wen units.

Unlike most tiny’s or micro-houses , the kitchen is designed for full-size appliances.  This is a place to live, not a place to camp.  The refrigerator is 30” (there is room for a 33”, but we were going to put a 30” in and leave room for a small ladder to be able to get into the storage soffits), the 4-burner gas range is 30”, and there is a full sized double sink with deep basins.  Next to the sink is a cavity that is set up for either a standard size dishwasher, or a compact washer/dryer unit, depending on your situation and needs.  Cabinets are solid plywood with dove-tailed joints, rather than particle wood or mdf.  The corner blind base has pull-out pivoting trays to make better use of the corner space.  Storage is even further emphasized with soffits built in above the wall cabinets.  Mounted above the kitchen sink is a large 9.0’soffit that is pre-plumbed for a gravity-fed backup water tank, in case the power goes out or the well runs low.

Again, unlike many tiny homes, plumbing supply lines are within the thermal envelope, and accessible if needed.   There is a both a warm-weather water supply hook-up as well as a cold-weather supply hookup, depending on your location.  This home is set up for both a conventional toilet on a septic system — and pre-vented for a composting toilet as well.  Plumbing hardware is Moen, the toilet is American Standard.  Rather than a wall-mounted tiny sink or a storage-less pedestal sink, you’ll find an actual vanity with integral storage, along with ample built in cabinetry in the bathroom – as well as access to a large storage soffit for even more storage.

Speaking of soffits, there is another backup water tank location above the shower, pre-plumbed and ready to gravity-feed the shower or sink in case the power goes out or the well is dry.  The shower has a short 7” curb rather than a tub wall to step over, and more than 6’2” of headroom under the shower head.  The shower is a molded fiberglass unit, with the shower ceiling and adjacent wall clad in a water-proof hdpe panel for additional water-protection.  Additionally, the bathroom is vented by a high-capacity exhaust fan rated for continuous use, capable of providing ample air-exchange.

Because this house would be moved at least once, we decided to have no drywall or tile installed, in order to ensure that the house would arrive in the same condition that it left in.  We didn’t want the big-box “shiplap” look that is ubiquitous in the tiny house world, often made of particle wood and complete with mobile-home type inside corner trim to hide poor joinery.  We wanted a more authentic shiplap look, the kind that you’d see in an old farmhouse, or on “Fixer Upper”….  So the interior walls and ceiling are clad in 10” Amish-milled 13/16” pine shiplap, sealed on 4 sides with an oil-based primer and finished with a high-quality latex.  There is no inside corner trim/sticking in this house.  To maximize interior volume and clean things up a bit, we decided to forego any base trim, furthering the dichotomy between modern form and vernacular practicality.

There is a large storage soffit in the foyer, with built-in pull down storage from below, and long storage above.  In the office/bedroom, there is a small built-in closet, divided into upper and lower units, suitable for either office supplies, or hanging pants on the bottom and shirts on top.  A Murphy desk/bed gives the option of an office during the day and a bedroom at night, along with additional storage.  A 6.0’ sliding door (Jeld-Wen, low-e, argon filled) gives this room the best view in the house, making working in the office and/or waking up in the bedroom a pleasure.  There are 3 coax cable outlets, located in each of the 3 main rooms, along with ample electrical outlets.

Outside there is a key-pad lock on the front door, exterior lighting at all four corners as well as over the front door, along with 3 exterior outlets and 1 coax cable inlet jack.  Atop this home is the roof-top deck, providing an additional 320 sq ft of living space.  The deck is an ideal location for mounting solar panels (remember this house is set up for a 50amp auxiliary electrical service, whether a generator, or a PV system, complete with a vented soffit designed specifically for a battery bank), additional storage, and easy raised living space to take in the breeze and the view.  (If this home is set on rural acreage and not moved, this would be a perfect place for a cedar pergola.  Please see the attached renderings for an idea of how we were going to use it).

In addition to keeping the sun off of the roof, the deck also serves as a water collection system.  Below the deck boards and between the deck floor joists are troughs that collect rain water and direct it to the gutter, where you can then collect it into a tank or cistern if needed.  The deck serves as the first filter, keeping the leaves and large debris out of the gutter.

This home comes complete with an owners manual, full documentation and warranties of all products used, extra parts that came with the products, pictures of the construction process so you can see whats behind the walls, and can be delivered/installed if desired.  The home can be purchased furnished or unfurnished.

This home was designed and built to be as versatile as possible, and to meet as many needs and criteria as possible.  It can be set on a gravel bed, on a permanent basement, elevated on piers, or on a flat-bed trailer.   It can go to a cold or warm climate.  It can be grid-tied or off-grid.  It works well with no stairs, or can be tweaked to add stairs.  It can have a dishwasher or a washer/dryer combo installed.  Whatever your needs, situation, or location are – this home can be a key element in you creating the low-maintenance, low-operating costs, low-input requirements, life that you want.

Finally, this house was designed by FUSION Design LLC, and constructed by the principal of FUSION Design LLC, under the guidance of Yutzy Builders Inc, as a prototype for a possible future joint venture between the two companies.  You will not find a more versatile house anywhere, with as much forethought as possible put into its possible uses and locations, occupants and their needs, or systems to support as many situations as possible.

So in the midst of the heartache of family conflict and the loss of leaving what we worked so hard to build, the upside is that a promising new tiny house business is being formed.  Our shelter solutions will emphasize not just low-maintenance and low operating costs, so that the occupant can focus on being free to live the life they want – but on resiliency and being able to get back on ones feet as quickly and easily as possible.  We are looking forward to producing shelter solutions that will provide much needed relief and solutions for people and their varied needs.  We are excited about the future. Price is $89,000.

Please call Shawn with FUSION Design LLC at 614.589.7216, and [email protected] , or Gary with Yutzy Builders Inc at 614.206.6956, and [email protected] for more information, or to arrange a viewing.

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  • Eric
    December 22, 2017, 5:50 pm

    Nicely done!! Would love to see a picture of the bedroom. My only other thought is as much (excellent) attention to detail you paid the interior, the exterior just looks like… a shipping container.

    In my opinion, I think 8′ wide is not enough to actually live in full time, forever. But two containers next to each other works very well. Granted, it’s no longer highly portable or a “tiny house” – bit perhaps would be great for seniors.

    • Shawn
      January 9, 2018, 2:29 pm

      Thank you very much for your kind words, Eric. Bedroom pics were added once the Murphy desk/bed arrived. Have a look and see what you think!


  • El
    December 22, 2017, 5:51 pm

    Wow, what a shame about the family drama. This is one of the best thought-out and designed container homes I have seen! Love everything about it and I hope that all works out for the sellers.

    • Shawn
      January 9, 2018, 2:30 pm

      Thanks for your kind words, El. We worked hard on it all way through, from design to punch out, and are pretty proud of it.


  • michelle l himes
    December 22, 2017, 5:57 pm

    How much unfinished & to coat it outside from rusting in the state of Wa.?

  • Gregg
    December 22, 2017, 7:07 pm

    This home would be perfect for me if I was single, it has just enough space for a single person to live in. I can understand the comment about how wide it is, but having spent 5 years in the Navy on ships and another 5 as an over the road truck driver I am used to tight spaces and feel comfortable in them. I like pretty much everything about this home

  • Tom Osterdock
    December 23, 2017, 12:03 am

    very nicely done. Looks very inviting. For me to bad no wheels but it is a great house.

    • Shawn
      January 9, 2018, 2:33 pm

      Thanks, Tom. It’s very easy to put this on a low-deck flat bed with under bed graywater and storage tanks, and have the nicest travel trailer out there. Because the container itself is so stout, you wouldn’t need a specifically designed “tiny house foundation” trailer either.

  • BrownLuster
    December 23, 2017, 12:55 am

    This container home.

    It. Is. Beautiful!🙆

    No stone was left unturned in the interior design and QUALITY materials that were used. The interior is absolutely gorgeous and as Gregg previously posted, as a single person, this container home is totally liveable on a permanent basis. Lots of room to move around and the kitchen is completely functional with room for full sized appliances, a gas stove hookup and a washer dryer combo. I LOVE IT!

    I too would have liked to see the bedroom but if it is in line with the rest of the interior materials and features, I’m sure it is very nice.

    My only critical critique would be the exterior. As poster Eric previously commented, the exterior looks like, well…a storage container. Lol! However, once placed on a parcel or land things like flowers/bushes/landscaping, exterior paint, door and/or window moldings, larger more decorative exterior light fixtures, steps & decking and/or maybe even some window shutters would give the exterior of this well built container home even more character. I would definitely add a mono pitched roof, as a rooftop deck doesn’t appeal to my knees (getting stiff) or my lifestyle but those are small additions/changes in the grand scheme of it all. Wow this place would be a perfect start for a new beginning in my life. I have ALWAYS desired a container home and this one would be prefect. Unfortunately, I don’t have a parcel to place the container home on + I would also have to prep the parcel/land + factor in the cost to have municipal water & natural gas lines ran to the parcel…and that is provided the city would allow me to place a container home there (Zoning & legal issues…long story). Yet these are other costs and barriers to consider. One day it will happen…one day.

    I’m so sorry that family drama and conflict has derailed your plans to expand on to this gorgeous shipping container home. However, to be given the opportunity to form a business building shelter solutions to help the homeless is a blessing & an opportunity to serve Father GOD in Heaven by helping your fellow sisters & brothers. You are blessed and will continue to be blessed as life moves forward.

    Continue your good work.

    • Shawn
      January 9, 2018, 2:38 pm

      You’re very kind, Brown Luster, and thank you. As you can see in the computer renderings, it becomes very homey with a deck out front, flowers in the gutter gardens, and like you said shutters and shrubbery, what was more industrial becomes quite domesticated. If you have rural property, adding a well or tapping into a cistern, a gray water leach bed, and a composting toilet would have you up and running in no time!

      All the best,


  • David
    December 26, 2017, 12:27 am

    Hello Tiny House Team,
    This is the best I have ever seen, not easy to shift but pay a container transporter a small fee, problem solved!
    The best thing I like about it is it still basically looks like a shipping container on the out side.
    This is a credit to the Builder/Owner, job very well done.
    Regards David
    PS, I havn’t read all the comments yet but I just had to have another quick look before hitting SUBMIT

    • Shawn
      January 9, 2018, 2:39 pm

      Thank you David! You’re absolutely right about it being easy to move, as thousands of these are moved round the world everyday.

      Warm regards,


  • Vicky
    December 27, 2017, 7:53 pm

    Did I miss the asking price?

    • Shawn
      January 9, 2018, 2:40 pm


  • Tawana owens
    January 4, 2018, 2:07 pm

    Beautiful, what is the asking price?

    • Shawn
      January 9, 2018, 2:40 pm

      Thank you, Tawana. We are asking $89,000

  • Michael
    April 4, 2018, 6:26 pm

    I like it, too especially the kitchen. However some more windows, especially at the living area would help to overcome the ‘hallway effect’ otf a narrow space.
    Price tag seems to be on the upper end.

  • Will Turnage
    April 4, 2018, 7:55 pm

    I have been looking at shipping container homes for years with plans of building one as soon as I find a plan that fits all my needs. Your container covers all the issues with the exception of a stackable W/D (unless I missed it). I like the idea of being able to put the container on wheels as I would need to move it often. Do you sell the plans to your design as I am a retired carpenter and would like to build it myself. It is a great design.

  • vivian
    April 4, 2018, 9:39 pm

    I think I want to cry. My hope is to have a tiny house one day. It’s sad that the one I would buy, with no reservations, is this one. A perfect layout, one level, quality materials, fully function for actual living without sacrificing details, such as having storage for more than two sets of dishes and a couple of cans of food. I love the fact that it looks like a shipping container on the outside…what a dramatic effect of the surprise at seeing the inside.

    I’m so sorry to hear about why you are selling. It’s sad that you couldn’t move it off the farm and rent it to keep it in the family. I hope it all works out for you. Mental hugs.

    But, seriously, if you are in business down the road when I’m ready, you’ll be the first I’ll contact.

    • Shawn
      April 5, 2018, 2:34 pm

      You’re very kind, Vivian, and thank you for the positive feedback. This one is still available, and we have been very busy developing other models as well. Our website is still being improved, but you can see other models and find out more at http://www.resilientsheltergroup.com.

      All the best!


  • Nnika
    May 24, 2018, 3:11 am

    I love everything about this house! It’s what we are looking for with options to be off grid or not. The finishing touches on the inside are just lovely. Unfortunately it’s out of price range.

    • May 30, 2018, 12:56 pm

      Thanks for the kind words, Nnkia. The price is a starting point, and it’s been for sale for 6 months so… make an offer. 😉. You never know.


  • Karen Blackburn
    May 26, 2018, 4:27 am

    There is a video out on YouTube about a couple living in a container. They live on a farm in Australia and in exchange for part time farm repairs are able to live on the premises (work in the city, he is an engineer and they emigrated from Scotland for work, cost of housing put them in a container). They have 2 joined end to end with an open porch between them. One is entirely living space and the other is a workshop, and I think the bathroom is in it as well. They move around the property (a cattle station I think) as needed and just load and unload the containers as necessary. They are totally off grid and grow much of their own vegetables as well using a shaded and netted greenhouse (sun scorch kills the plants and wild animals eat them) and have 2 hen houses as well. If you are genuinely and seriously interested in living in a converted container then this is the video to watch. The channel is Kirsten Dirksen with a title of Aussie couple builds off grid home with 2 containers (sorry but can’t find link details). It’s 44min long but if you are thinking of something similar it’s well worth watching.

  • Tony Hager
    October 15, 2018, 10:12 pm

    I also like what i saw in this article. Do you have plans for a 20 or 30 ft version? Also How adaptable to off grid cistern/septic systems are the container homes. There is power on my dads property but i haven’t made up my mind if i would setup on his land or try to acquire some of my own. Either way i may need to find a place by April. I ask because my IRA account is not even have of the 89,000 of the one in the article (though i wish i could get that one)

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