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How Backyard Cottages Are Being Sold Separately in Seattle

This is how accessory dwelling units (guest houses) are being restructured into condominiums so that they can be sold separately from the primary residence on the property. Pretty interesting, right? What do you think?

…increasingly people are using condominium agreements to sell DADUs separately from the primary residence.1

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How Accessory Dwelling Units Are Being Sold Separate From Their Primary Residences in Seattle

How much is a backyard guest house worth in Seattle, Washington?

The article covers how much these ADU’s are worth by showing you 5 recent sales. One of the sales included the primary residence, though. Looking at the prices, it seems like it would definitely be a worthwhile investment for anyone who already owns property there to go ahead and build a backyard cottage! They seem to add more than $500,000 in value to the property, according to these recent sales. Cost to build? Not sure, but if you’re in the area and want to design/build an ADU on your property, you may want to reach out to Bruce over at Microhouse NW.

New loophole for building tiny and small homes on foundations? Creating your own HOA?

The other interesting point of the article is the fact that it’s possible to build one of these backyard cottages, and that you’re able to sell it separately from the primary residence by creating your own homeowners association? Very interesting, and something worth looking into if you’re in the area. But it’s also a really good idea to model in another area, right? If that can be done here, where else can it be done? It seems to me like it could be a pretty useful loophole to allow for the construction of more small and tiny homes on foundations. What are your thoughts?

Please read the complete article below:

=> https://seattlebackyardcottage.blogspot.com/2019/11/what-is-dadu-worth-more-than-you-might.html

You can also look at 5 of the listings on Redfin using the links below. Enjoy!

Learn more

Seattle Backyard Cottage | Redfin: 1 2 3 4 5

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