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272 Sq. Ft. Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans

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Welcome to the Petite Manor XS—a stunning 32-foot tiny house on wheels!

This thoughtfully designed home features a main floor bedroom, an inviting upstairs loft, a cozy living area, a functional kitchen, and a stylish bathroom, all seamlessly integrated into a beautiful and compact layout.

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Introducing Petite Manor XS: The Tiny House That Thinks Big

Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans 001

Images via Tiny House Plans

First Look: Step Inside the 272 sq ft Wonder of Petite Manor XS

Welcome to the world of Petite Manor XS tiny house design! Nestled within its 272 square feet of cleverly designed space, this tiny house isn’t just a home; it’s a testament to thoughtful architecture and versatile living.

Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans 002

Images via Tiny House Plans

Cozy Charm, Inside and Out

Step inside and be greeted by the charm of classic farmhouse aesthetics blended seamlessly with modern functionality. The exterior exudes quaint elegance, hinting at the warmth and coziness found within.

Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans 003

Images via Tiny House Plans

Flexible Living Spaces

The main floor boasts a bedroom that adapts effortlessly to your needs—be it a serene study, a cozy lounge, or a creative workspace. Need more space? Ascend the stairs to discover a tranquil sleeping loft, perfect for starlit slumbers.

Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans 004

Images via Tiny House Plans

Ascend to Serenity: Discover the Tranquil Sleeping Loft

Escape to the tranquil sleeping loft of Petite Manor XS. Ascend the stairs to find a peaceful retreat above the main floor, offering privacy and comfort in a compact setting. The sleeping loft exemplifies the cozy elegance that defines tiny house living.

Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans 005

Images via Tiny House Plans

The Well-Appointed Bathroom

Experience everyday luxury in Petite Manor XS with its well-appointed bathroom and full kitchen. The bathroom offers modern convenience in a compact space.

Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans 006

Images via Tiny House Plans

Features You’ll Love: Storage, Entertainment, and More

Discover the thoughtful features of Petite Manor XS that make tiny living a joyous experience. From ample storage solutions that keep everything organized to an entertainment area designed for relaxation, every detail enhances your lifestyle in 272 square feet. Embrace the charm of a gable roof, enjoy the comfort of minisplit HVAC, and appreciate the convenience of an on-demand water heater. Whether you’re seeking a cozy retreat or a practical guest house, Petite Manor XS offers everything you need for comfortable living in a compact footprint.

Petite Manor XS Tiny House Plans 007

Images via Tiny House Plans

Make It Yours: DIY Simplicity with Petite Manor XS Plans

Unlock the potential of Petite Manor XS with comprehensive DIY plans that simplify the construction process. The detailed plan sets include everything you need to bring this charming tiny home to life, from floor plans and elevations to structural details and electrical plans.

C:UsersmarloDocumentsTHP04b1_acttrailer size.pdf

Images via Tiny House Plans


  • The Petite Manor XS is a 272 sq ft tiny house with clever design features
  • Dimensions: 32′ length x 8’6″ width x 13′ 5.5″ height
  • Versatile main floor bedroom can be transformed for various uses
  • Cozy sleeping loft for restful nights
  • Full kitchen and 3/4 bathroom included
  • Can sleep up to 5 people, making it great for families or as an
  • Airbnb rental
    Farmhouse-inspired exterior with modern amenities like minisplit HVAC
  • ANSI compliant and designed for DIY simplicity
  • Currently on sale for $99, down from $299
  • Comes with comprehensive plan set including floor plans, elevations, and more

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This post contains affiliate links.

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