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Family Van Life in the Perfect Conversion

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Discover the ideal conversion for family van life!

Introducing Holly, a Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170 van conversion by Van Life Builds with a unique layout that turns the cockpit area into additional makeshift bunk beds! The van seats and sleeps up to five people and offers a kitchen, bathroom, and rear storage. Check it out!

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The Perfect Family Camper Van: Seats & Sleeps Five!

Nestled in the heart of this family camper van is a cleverly designed permanent bunk bed setup, strategically placed next to a convenient bathroom. This thoughtful layout ensures easy access and comfort for family members throughout their journey, combining practicality with the comforts of home on the road.

Step into the modern bathroom of this family camper van, accented with sleek black finishes that add a touch of sophistication. Complete with mirrors, a functional sink, and a cleverly accessible toilet situated at the rear of the van for easy maintenance, this space combines style with practicality.

Experience a rare find in the cockpit area of this family camper van—a front row with three seats. The driver’s seat, equipped with an attached middle seat, ingeniously swivels, as does the passenger seat.

Beyond the innovative cockpit setup, this family camper van features additional seating just behind the driver and passenger seats, accommodating two more passengers comfortably.

At bedtime, the versatility of this family camper van shines through as the swivel seats transform into bunk beds. This ingenious feature not only maximizes space but also ensures a cozy sleeping arrangement for up to two people, ideally children.

The kitchen in the Holly – Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170 is designed with practicality and convenience in mind. Equipped to cater to family meals on the go, it features ample storage, a compact cooking area, and essential appliances. Whether preparing a quick snack or a full meal, this kitchen ensures that every culinary need is met, enhancing the comfort and enjoyment of family adventures.

Van Life Builds Family Camper 001

Images via Van Life Builds

Van Life Builds Family Camper 002

Images via Van Life Builds

Transform the cockpit area of the Holly – Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170 into a cozy dining space with its swiveled front seats and cleverly integrated table setup. This innovative design allows families to gather comfortably for meals or leisure activities, creating a communal hub within the van. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and family-friendly design, enhancing the overall experience of life on the road.

Van Life Builds Family Camper 003

Images via Van Life Builds

Inside the Holly – Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170, the interior walls are crafted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, complemented by strategically placed windows that offer abundant natural light and panoramic views of the surroundings. This thoughtful design not only enhances the sense of space but also connects occupants with the beauty of outdoor landscapes, making every journey a scenic experience.

Van Life Builds Family Camper 004

Images via Van Life Builds

Nestled behind the second row seats of the Holly – Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170, you’ll find a cleverly designed L-shaped kitchenette. This compact yet functional space features essential amenities such as a countertop for meal preparation, storage cabinets for utensils and supplies, and possibly even a stove or sink depending on the design. It’s a convenient setup that maximizes interior space while ensuring that culinary needs are met during family adventures on the road.

Van Life Builds Family Camper 005

Images via Van Life Builds

The layout of the Holly – Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170 is thoughtfully designed to optimize space and comfort for family travel. Featuring built-in bunks and a modern bathroom with a shower and mirrors, this van provides both practicality and luxury on the road. The integration of these elements ensures that every journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, making it an ideal choice for families seeking adventure without sacrificing comfort.

Van Life Builds Family Camper 006

Images via Van Life Builds

Van Life Builds Family Camper 007

Images via Van Life Builds

The rear area of the Holly – Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170 serves as a versatile hub for outdoor living and storage. Complete with an outdoor shower setup for refreshing after adventures, convenient storage hooks, vertical storage solutions, and shelves for organizing gear and essentials, this space is designed for maximum utility. It also provides easy access for servicing the toilet, ensuring maintenance tasks are straightforward and efficient. This thoughtful layout enhances the van’s functionality, catering to the diverse needs of adventurous families on the move.

Van Life Builds Family Camper 008

Images via Van Life Builds

Quote from the Builder

We love helping facilitate this way of life for everyone, including families, this van can sleep up to 5 if required! There is a lot to squeeze in, and safety elements to consider, but with a little compromise it can be done! Even better, our partners Vanny Campers commissioned this build for their prize draw competition and a family won it for less than 7 pounds! That truly was the icing on the cake for this special build!

What’s your favorite feature of this van?

VIDEO: Family Camper Van Tour


  • Innovative van conversion perfect for family van life
  • Cockpit area with unique three-seat front row; driver’s seat and passenger seat swivel
  • Permanent bunk beds with adjacent modern bathroom featuring black accents, mirrors, sink, and accessible rear toilet
  • Additional seating behind the cockpit for two more passengers
  • Swivel seats that transform into bunk beds for bedtime comfort
  • Built on Mercedes Sprinter Long Wheel Base 170
What do you like the most about this camper van conversion?

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This post contains affiliate links.

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