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Old Shed Transformed into Guest House in Portugual

The Newbys are an amazing family who spent years traveling the globe and finally settled in Portugal where they are building their dream homestead. One of their projects was transforming a dilapidated shed into a guest room/office — and the timelapse below shows the entire process!

They thought the project would only take a couple of weeks, but it ended up being a multi-month endeavor — but the results are totally worth it. What do you think of this conversion?

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Family Turns Shed Into A Guest House/Office

Old Shed Transformed into Guest House in Portugual 3

Images via TheNewbys

Here’s what the shed looked like at the beginning.

Old Shed Transformed into Guest House in Portugual 5

Images via TheNewbys

Littlest helpers cleaning up the shed.

Old Shed Transformed into Guest House in Portugual 4

Images via TheNewbys

Look at it now! Transformed.

Old Shed Transformed into Guest House in Portugual

Images via TheNewbys

Bigger windows and everything.

Old Shed Transformed into Guest House in Portugual 2

Images via TheNewbys

VIDEO: From dilapidated store room to luxury Tiny House FULL BUILD


  • The video documents the journey of a family moving into their tiny house.
  • The tiny house project started with the removal of the old roof and the installation of larger windows for better natural light.
  • The roof replacement was a significant challenge due to the reinforced cement beams. The decision was made to remove the entire roof and the cement beams to create the envisioned space.
  • The tiny house was designed with a wooden interior rather than cement.
  • The house includes a bed, a living area, and a kitchen. It also has roof windows for additional light and views.
  • The video shows the process of painting the interior of the house, which required multiple coats.
  • The family also built a porch for the tiny house, which involved digging holes for the porch poles and installing the doors.
  • The tiny house is also the family’s new office.
  • The video ends with a tour of the completed tiny house, which includes a mirror, hooks, and other finishing touches.
  • Future projects for the family include irrigation around the farm, making pickles and chutneys, farming, building tree houses, and renovating houses.

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