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Nancy Yvonne Escape Tiny House in Driftwood, Texas

This is the Nancy Yvonne Escape Tiny House in Driftwood, Texas.

It’s an Airbnb tiny home rental/vacation in the Texas Hill Country and Austin, Texas. What do you think?

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Escape Tiny House near Austin, Texas

This Nancy Yvonne Tiny House in the Texas Hill Country is a ONE XL from Escape.

Inside, it features 388-sq.-ft. including the lofts. And it also has the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban exterior.

The soaring interior features two lofts, one with staircase access and the other with ladder access.

The cozy yet spacious living room is right under the main sleeping loft.

Here’s what it looks like from the main loft.

This tiny house has a ceiling fan to circulate the air, a mini-split air-conditioner, and houseplants to add oxygen to the air.

The open shelving is being used for decor and plant life.

French door entry with privacy curtains built into the glass. And a frosted glass door to the bathroom.

Here’s a wide-angle lens shot of the ladder-access loft.

And a wide-angle lens shot of the main loft.

There’s even a wall-mounted flat screen tv in the main loft.

There’s a full kitchen in the ONE XL.

It also has a full bathroom with a washer/dryer.

Flush toilet, air vent, and a window in this bathroom. How do you like the frosted glass door here?

A shower with a bathtub.

There’s a deck outside that leads you to the modern tiny cabin on wheels with Japanese Shou Sugi Ban exterior siding.

The box plants cover up the wheel wells of the tiny house which is perfect.

Would you consider a stay in this tiny house or your own ONE XL from Escape?

It’s the Nancy Yvonne Tiny House.

Located in Driftwood, Texas, near the Hill Country and Austin, Texas.


  • The Nancy Yvonne Tiny House
  • Escape ONE XL Tiny House
  • 388-sq.-ft.
  • Japanese Shou Sugi Ban exterior siding treatment
  • Two loft design
  • Soaring interior
  • Abundant windows
  • Full kitchen
  • Full bathroom with tub, flush toilet, and washer-dryer
  • Full-size bed
  • Internet, flatscreen TVs, and a Bluetooth speaker
  • Driftwood, Texas
  • Near Austin, Texas, and Hill Country

Learn more, book a stay, or order your own Escape ONE XL below!

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  • Eric
    July 6, 2022, 5:22 pm

    No I wouldn’t. But that’s because I live in New Zealand. I would however show this to a Tiny House builder and ask him to replicate it. In a heartbeat. Two things need to happen though. I need the cash and I need the cash… ; )

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