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Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon… Sleep In A Vineyard!

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This is the ESCAPE Vista tiny house vacation in Salem, Oregon.

It’s located in a vineyard with views of Eola Hills and the Willamette River in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Inside the tiny home, you’ll find a one-level floor plan with your bedroom, kitchen, living area, and bathroom.

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Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon

Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 001

Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 002 Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 003 Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 004 Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 005 Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 006 Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 007 Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 008 Escape Vista Tiny House Vacation in Oregon 009

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Rob the Potter
    June 24, 2016, 2:47 pm

    Very nice….love all the windows…less claustrophobic for me!

    • M
      July 19, 2016, 2:13 pm

      Yes, that is the way to keep it from feeling too tiny inside. Add beautiful vistas and enjoy.

      • Eric
        January 15, 2017, 4:09 pm

        Sure it feels bigger and let’s more light in. But by golly it’ll sure let a LOT of heat out. Especially in the winter when you don’t want to lose it.

        And look… no curtains. At. All.

        • M
          January 16, 2017, 12:39 am

          If you need curtains, Eric, then simply add them.

        • Tracey
          February 16, 2017, 11:26 pm

          It has blinds. Can’t see them because they are up.

  • Saga
    June 25, 2016, 2:48 am

    I love it! So beautiful, functional, light and open. Add a few feets to the ceiling and a loft, and I would be ready to move in.

  • jerry d
    June 25, 2016, 1:51 pm

    Finally what tiny houses should be other than it should be 10′-12′ wide.
    But it doesn’t have lofts, complicated heavy, costly, tall roofs that make up so many THs is nice to see.
    At 8’wide the windows really open it up. I’m doing a shorter, wider one, 10′-16′, with either white or light varnished wood. Being wider really opens up options in layout 8′ just can’t.
    And mine can be cheaply and easily moved by a flat bed wrecker or trailer with a cheap wide load permit . Ot mae with it’s own wheels.
    A nice option would be an awning of PV panels all down the
    front like I’m doing with mine making it offgrid.

    • Mike
      July 10, 2016, 9:24 pm

      Jerry I see you comment on almost every tinny house I’ve come across about how your working on one just like it but on a 10 or 12 wide trailer. Well what is it 10 or 12 ? But never come across any of your work or customers . Please share with us all these custom 10 and 12 foot wide tiny houses you been going on and on about. Me personally would enjoy seeing some wide tinny houses and I’m sure a lot of other readers / potential buyers would also be interested . I’m especially interested in the double trailer house

      • jerry d
        July 19, 2016, 4:02 pm

        Both actually. I built a 12×12 last yr and now sitting I my most recent one, 10′ x16.
        Of the 2 liking the 10x 16 with kitchen, bath at 1 10’end and open space to do whatever I, you want in 13′ left.
        I like storage loft along each side starting at about 5’5″ high and sit, sleep, etc under them.
        I’m just starting out building these because I had medical
        problems and went broke and need a job. These 2 are on my property I’m
        preparing to sell with them and others as a compound SE of
        Tampa of 2 to 4 TH at about $60k right in a town nect to shoping, etc.
        Could be a good income property renting to the many workers within a short walking distance.
        As fairly handicapped now it takes me a while but really
        simple to do designed right. It’ll be a couple months until
        things are presentable and I figure out how to put it on the

        After building boats all my life this is rather easy.
        I’m at freedomev at yahoo dot com for more detail.
        Not much need for pictures building custom as I build to what the customer wants with the materials, etc
        they want.
        I prefer shed style on tiny homes as not worth the
        complications, costs.
        They also work great as building modules to make larger homes, shops, etc from cheaply.
        I do nothing special, just good value at 50% or less than most here in prices.
        I’ll also build them custom with or without on or offgrid solar also much lower cost installed.
        When I finish this one it’ll be put on the market
        I rarely coment for the last yr other than on boat safety, design to keep people safe plus on TH THAT ARE NOT THOWs and don’t have sleeping lofts few ever use so I guess
        my posts that were got your attention. Glad to make you
        It’s what I’m here for, more better possibilities at lowr costs and how to do it.
        I also have a 6′ wide 28′ long one you can do the same as 8′ as everything had to be lengthwise anyway. It is a lightweight aero trailer.

    • M
      July 19, 2016, 2:17 pm

      Can you supply some info as to what the approx costs are for having a flat bed move a 10′ wide house? I’ve looked into a 10′ shed but was not sure what moving costs might be. And what do you mean by PV panels? Thanks

      • jerry d
        July 19, 2016, 5:00 pm

        Depends on how far, etc. You can get a flat bed wrecker to about 20′ long costs you can usually find at
        about $1/mile.
        If buying from a business they should have delivery.
        Just call a few and let them move it when they have no other business.
        If long distance buy a trailer cheap and tow it yourself. Then if not moving again, sell the trailer, tow vehicle even for what you bought it , them for even a profit.
        Or rent , buy a flat bed trailer. I’m not against houses on wheels, just they rarely move making the trailer cost mostly a waste.
        Or instead buy both but keep them seperate, just under the house only when moving it and useful for other things when not.
        My 28’×6′ I just bolted an axle to it and a trailer hitch on the pointed front. It as a stressed skin bent ply structure is strong enough to be it’s own frame at vety ight weight.
        Solar panels make electricity unless otherwise noted now
        days. I use them as an awning for my porch as added value.

        • M
          May 17, 2017, 10:08 pm

          Thank you Jerry for taking the time to right such an expansive and helpful reply. Much appreciated.

  • rachel
    June 25, 2016, 3:25 pm

    I love these escapes, they are beautiful. I am wondering if all of the windows OPEN or they simply let in light. It is always great to have the option of letting in fresh air. namaste’, rachel

  • Corina
    June 26, 2016, 8:37 am

    I love the feel of this place. Very spacious. Except one thing that baffles me about tiny house dwellers is that most photos show beds that are for regular size homes. What ever happened to downsizing one’s bed (especially if you are single) to 3/4 size mattress (4′ wide)? Or in the case of this home having it fold into a couch so its more user friendly?
    just wondering

    • Mary
      August 24, 2016, 8:37 pm

      When you sleep with 2 small doggies and one large great dane, you need a queen bed!!!!!

  • Porcsha
    July 3, 2016, 11:50 pm

    I love this tiny home! Very beautiful!

  • Terri Anello
    August 1, 2016, 5:45 pm

    How do you find out the cost or someone building the home for you?

  • Gabriella
    January 15, 2017, 11:11 am

    It is really an ideal resolution for people, like me, who do not want to lose contact with nature, in the ever-changing seasons and having the wheels can change scene. If it’s raining or it’s sunny you are protected inside, but outside with his eyes. As a Changing Hug!

  • Susanne
    January 16, 2017, 5:07 pm

    Good point jerry made about the roof and no loft . I’d like a loft and higher roof but if it saves a ton of money not too…:)

    January 18, 2017, 6:07 pm

    A lot of windows for a tiny house. Would be the perfect TH for going on vacation!

    April 9, 2017, 8:47 pm

    Escapes are my favorite homes. This one ìs perfect. How many square feet? Are the windows doubles pane?

  • Yellowrose
    June 11, 2017, 5:58 pm

    Whatever you do, DO NOT surround your living space with windows! They look nice, they make a tiny house seem bigger but they freeze you in the winter and make your home hot in the summer. I lived in a 28 foot fifth wheel with windows everywhere. I froze in the winter when it was just 35 degrees or even 40 degrees. There was no where I could sit or sleep in such a small space that wasn’t near a window. Even with a good, working heater and an electric tower heater, it was too cold so I had to move out and sell the fifth wheel. As for lofts, my bed was in the top part of the trailer like a loft and when the sun came up, all the heat rose to the top so off went the heaters and it was so hot from the sun, I had to turn on the air conditioner. Electric and gas was very costly. Now I have a new tiny house, 8′ x 20′, no loft, custom built under $14,000, not on wheels, very well INSULATED, on, grid, plumbing, electric, bathroom handicap accessible for when I grow older – normal shower with shower chair, larger doors, ramp entrance for walkers, wheelchairs, etc. I was very specific that I only wanted 3 windows. Didn’t want a window in the bathroom (8×5) because it would be harder to heat but it is city code. And large, mature trees for shade, windows on each side, window on one end, front door on other end to create excellent cross breezes for cooling house. Already tested for cross breeze, works perfect! I will share pictures once I move in.

  • Gail
    August 2, 2017, 8:46 am

    Would love to see pictures. Thanks so much for your insight. Extremely helpful.

  • elsa campos
    August 15, 2017, 3:31 pm

    How much does this particular model run?

  • Cindy
    September 3, 2017, 9:43 pm

    I’d like to see plans for a mobile tiny house with bathroom and bedroom on main floor…I want a loft for when child comes to visit then I can also use for storage. We want to travel with tiny house not an RV.

  • Bonnie
    October 9, 2017, 2:49 pm

    like the tiny house with bed/sofa windows are great ,me I would love to know how much $ for it as is,is it for sale ,where is it located,but of course there are a few things ,small Id like to change

  • Nanny M
    February 9, 2018, 6:25 pm

    So pretty, with a happy feeling.

  • Shirley Buckley
    September 10, 2019, 4:09 pm

    Do you know of a builder in the Seattle area. Recently widowed and will live on daughters property. Live on boat now but need to sell due to my age. So need help finding one nearby. Ty

  • Sherry
    September 10, 2019, 7:06 pm

    Cute but…………no walls to put up pictures, no bookcases and NO TV area……and for me, I do not like sleeping in my living space…….and I need personal items to make it a home. And all wood, no color, no where to put paint on walls to make it seems more welcome…..I wonder why I see so many tiny homes with all wood in them, do the designers forget that women live in them also?

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