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Hawaiian Tiny House With Incredible Bathroom

This is a Hawaiian tiny house with an incredible bathroom featuring a dome-window-lit bathtub.

It was commissioned by a woman in Maui, a custom Oasis model tiny house by Paradise Tiny Homes with quartz counters, the incredible bathtub with custom dome nature window, the fully functional kitchen, and more. What do you think?

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Incredible Bathroom In This Hawaiian Tiny Home

The custom dome window naturally lights the bathroom.

Might be nice to leave the bathroom door open when possible.

It’s a customized Oasis model by Paradise Tiny Homes.

This is what the bathroom area looks like from the outside. Great way to get a little more space out of a THOW, too!

The other side of the tiny house offers unique windows too.

Tour the rest of this tiny house

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • Maria
    July 29, 2021, 7:12 am

    Well for that price 189 thousand I can buy a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with land. The Tiny House movement was to not be in debt.

    • James D.
      July 29, 2021, 7:37 am

      Nope, first that’s not anywhere near an equivalent comparison because you won’t be living where this is in Hawaii or have as nicely built home, and second not everyone would go into debt to do this as what’s affordable depends on your income range and that’s not the same for everyone (especially, for someone already living in Hawaii, and third misses the point of why people want freedom and the ability to get what they want… It’s about the life, not the home, for most people…

      Check out Tiny Industrial’s youtube channel, he just covered some misconceptions of the movement…

    • Bryan O'Connor
      November 4, 2021, 1:28 pm

      While I generally agree with you on the price this is in Hawaii, everything is tripled at bare minimum because everything is shipped in. My best friend lives in Hawaii and when he first moved there he was renting a 300 square foot studio apartment right on the outskirts of what would best be described as a crack neighborhood for $1900 a month. that 189k is like 63k everywhere else in the U.S..

  • BJ
    July 30, 2021, 12:31 am

    Controversial., Yes, I believe tiny homes were supposed to be affordable. That isn’t to me. It is however very unique home. Glad they can do it. But, lets keep in mind to live dept free. To be mobile on occasion, Less is more, to do more outside of home , Yes , Hawaii is expensive. Good luck with their home.

    • James D.
      July 30, 2021, 7:56 am

      Controversial, maybe, but I believe it’s important to point out the misconception that tiny homes are somehow strictly for necessity and no other reasons when that was never the case. Environmentalism, sustainability, healthy living, appropriateness, are just a few examples of a long list of reasons, along with simply why people want a home to begin with and thus it’s just a reality check that not everyone does it the same way or all for the same reasons or even for one specific reason…

      Tiny Industrial’s youtube video, “Elon Musk Tiny House?! Let me tell you why…” sums up a few of the common misconceptions some people seem to have on the movement and why even a multi-billionaire would live in a tiny house.

      Like there’s no actual universal standard for what’s considered affordable, as not all people are getting tiny homes out of economic necessity. While debt free is a good goal but that doesn’t mean people need to start out that way, as debt, properly utilized, can allow people to achieve goals they otherwise could not and the alternative can be being trapped in a life they did not want and could not escape… It’s thus only out of control debt that should really be avoided as otherwise you’re taking options away from people who may need them and ignores how achieving their goal can be what gets them out of debt and puts them in a much better position than they started…

      Especially, as not everything is equivalent or cost the same but even if that wasn’t the case, what people need and want to get out of a home won’t be the same for everyone and thus what’s a fair cost actually will vary and depends on what it does take for people to achieve their goal.

      Like a home for a family will have a higher minimum cost than a home for a single person, among other examples of why costs will not always be the same. Since, choices will effect the lives of those who live in the home, the people who live in the home will always be a factor for its costs that can go well beyond just the basic bare necessities…

      Being minimal and frugal is all well and good but that shouldn’t be taken to the point people have to suffer and ignore the needs that effect their quality of life and how they actually want the home to effect their life. Especially, if it’s within their means, to achieve the goals they want to achieve. Nor should people be made to feel ashamed for doing what’s in their best interest just because it may not be an option everyone can choose…

      Understand, nothing I’m stating is to say people have to pay more than they need. I’m not trying to justify high prices. Just dispelling the myth that people’s choices have to make sense for everyone when it only has to be justified to the people it directly effects…

      Ultimately, the real point of the movement are people’s lives and having the freedom to choose how to live it… So, IMO, it misses the point to treat it like a competition that everyone has to make and work with the same choices, expecting everything to fall into one proprietary standard that ignores diversity, people being in different situations, and what effects people’s quality of life… Otherwise, you’re basically saying the people and their lives matter less than owning the home when the home has no meaning beyond the people it effects…

      Not to say that’s what you’re suggesting, just generalizing that’s the accumulative end result of people saying things like they can get something else cheaper elsewhere when that ignores the lives of the people and why they made the choices they made… Like it doesn’t help to tell people to live where they may not want to live, to have a home that doesn’t fit their needs or what they want from a home, etc. Nor does it help people to respect other people’s choices if they refuse to understand them or see any other context but what they would choose instead…

      It’s good to point out options, the more the better, but we mustn’t forget the people the choices will effect and what’s actually best will vary on the person, their goals, and their situation…

      I understand there will still be people who will still disagree but I hope this helps brings better understanding and is taken with that intent in mind…

      • Bryan O'Connor
        November 4, 2021, 2:07 pm

        I agree and disagree with you, While living tiny is about sustainability and Quality of life, it’s NOT the ONLY thing it’s about the entire point to living tiny is all about being fruggle and cutting costs and living cheaper. You, like many people are putting WANTS above NEEDS, Do you really NEED $3,000 worth of brand new cabinets and $5,000 worth of Quartz/Granite countertops? No, you can go to a garage sale, Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Flea Market and buy used cabinets for pennies on the dollar and slap a new coat of paint on them and you’ll know they are used, You can build a Butcher Block or concrete countertop for 1/10th of the cost of Quartz or Granite. Do you NEED brand new sinks? brand new top of the line toilets and fixtures? ABSOLUTELY NOT, that $50 kitchen faucet from Wal-Mart does the same thing and will last just as long as that $200 kitchen faucet from a specially shop does. Do you NEED a brand new $3500 soaker tub from a speciality bathroom store when you can find a used one for $250 and spend a couple hours worth of work and $50 putting a new porcelian paint job on it. You and I could build the exact same house and I’m going to pay less than 1/10th of what you pay and mines going to look just as good as yours and last just as long. You because you CAN afford something doesn’t mean you have to, I can afford to drive a 2022 BMW M3 but I don’t NEED a 2022 BMW M3, I NEED vehicle, not a brand new one, therefore I drive a 2015 GMC Canyon pick up, just because you CAN doesn’t mean you should. I’m not just saying you in particular but people of the last 3 generations, they confuse wants with needs, I’m not saying don’t spend 150k on a tiny house but 15k tiny house is going to be just as nice and last just as long as your 150k tiny house and I now have 135k to actually LIVE with.

      • James D.
        November 4, 2021, 2:44 pm

        @Bryan O’Connor – No, I’m not trying to suggest wants above needs. I’m just pointing out it’s more complicated because people just don’t all need the same things, like someone who is chemically sensitive and can’t live in a standard constructed home can indeed require more expensive interiors to meet their needs to lead a healthy life. Among other examples, where quality of life factors into what needs people may have…

        There’s many examples where this applies, like people with special needs, wheelchair access, etc that need more than a standard home just to live a normal life… There’s people who need a forever home that has to be better built than just a starter or temporary home… There’s homes that have to house a family instead of just one person that have to be designed beyond just basic needs… There’s home that have to be more durable and/or handle more extreme climates…

        Then there’s long term needs like sustainability, environmentalism, ability to handle changing needs, etc. to avoid needing to constantly replace homes or at least create an ecosystem for them that helps eliminate waste and lowers the long term costs that can be far greater than the short term costs… Paying more for less maintenance, less heating and cooling, less cleaning, less insurance costs, less costly lifestyle, etc. are among many factors that effect that bottom dollar consideration…

        Among other factors, like while Recycling materials can help with costs but it’s not practical to do that for all homes, any more than it’s practical for everyone to always DIY build their home, especially people who are physically incapable or lack any of the requirements to do it that way…

        So there has to be other options too or you’ll always leave a percentage of people with no options that will work for them… Like people who need a new home quickly may not be able to wait the long periods of time it can require to build a home out of reclaimed materials as otherwise they can be homeless before the home gets built…

        There’s a difference between being frugal and cutting costs from suffering unnecessarily. Wants aren’t always important, some people do confuse that, but they’re also not always divorced from needs and shouldn’t just be automatically dismissed just because not everyone has the same needs or just chooses to do it differently as what works can be situational specific and not universal…

        Needs are also not limited to just physical ones as people can also have mental needs that will effect their health and quality of life. The entire population isn’t limited to just certain needs and no others. So diversity has to be accounted for with any system actually expected to work long term and for the greatest number of people and not just a small niche…

        These comments respectfully given to explain my point of view…

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