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Freedom Yurt/Cabin Combo

What happens when you combine the shape and size of a yurt home with the durability and sturdiness of a cabin? You get these innovative Freedom Yurt-Cabins, which have many of the benefits of a cabin at a reduction of the cost.

Ranging from about $12,000 to $17,000—which the manufacturing company points out can be even cheaper than purchasing a traditional, fabric-walled yurt—Freedom Yurt-Cabins come in three different sizes ranging from 217 square feet to 387 square feet. The yurt-cabins also contain insulation in the walls and roof, windows, and an awning over the door to the structure.

What is particularly interesting about these yurt-cabins is that they can be customized to fit your needs and wants. Aside from size, you can purchase additional features such as an extra window, a tinted dome, and a fan mount. Because the structures are made of finished wood, you can also paint the yurt-cabin however you like.

Freedom Yurt/Cabin Combo

Yurt Home Cabin Exterior

Images © Freedom Yurt-Cabins/Joel Gray

Yurt Home Cabin Exterior 2

Yurt Home Cabin Exterior 3

Freedom Yurt Cabins 001

Freedom Yurt Cabins 002

Freedom Yurt Cabins 003

Freedom Yurt Cabins 004

Freedom Yurt Cabins 005

Freedom Yurt Cabins 006

Freedom Yurt Cabins Pricing

Images © Freedom Yurt-Cabins/Joel Gray

The manufacturers of the Freedom Yurt-Cabins also mention that assembling these yurt-cabins is even easier than assembling a traditional yurt, which can be time-consuming because of the platform the yurt must sit upon.

Furthermore, the yurt-cabin’s “energy efficient” structure, with its insulated parts and double-paned windows, was designed with the environmentally conscious person in mind.

For a sturdily-built, intricately-designed, visually attractive alternative to the traditional yurt home, look no further than the Freedom Yurt-Cabin.

Learn More: http://freedomyurtcabins.com

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