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Village of Mongolian Yurts

I ran into an awesome yurt village that’s located in Washpond Lane, Swanage, Dorset, UK.

It’s in the Herston Camp Site and they have authentic Mongolian yurts that are made in Mongolia by real Mongolians (that’s what their website says anyway!).

Ever since I found out about yurts I’ve been a pretty big fan. There’s something about the round shape that attracts me. This looks like a really cool place to experience a traditional yurt.

There are six yurts to choose from along with a few different sizes. All of them provide you with a table, double futon bed, and an additional two single futons.

There are big wood burning stoves inside to cook with and to keep warm.

You’ll also enjoy felt insulation. Inside looks like it feels warm and inviting. Don’t forget to watch the video at the end.

Beautiful view of Mongolian Yurt Sky view of Mongolian yurt village

Mongolian Yurt Village

Mongolian Yurt Village Beautiful Mongolian Yurt Door Interior of a Mongolian yurt Mongolian yurt interior picture Interior of Mongolian yurt Mongolian yurt construction Mongolian yurt construction

For bookings, call 01929 422932

Looks so cozy in there…

Photo credits yurtvillage.co.uk

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