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East Yurt of Lake George 4

East Yurt of Lake George w/ Elevated Deck

While it’s not uncommon for a yurt to be placed on a deck, I’m not sure we’ve ever seen one on stilts! This set-up allows for a spacious sleeping area in the yurt itself, and a fun porch with a private soaking tub and fire pit. On the first floor, the bathhouse has a residential [...]

private sound healing temple Octagonal Tiny House 2

Private Sound Healing Temple: Octagonal House

When it comes to architecture, there’s just something magical about a round-ish structure. In the case of this octagonal yurt-style home, the cathedral ceilings and circular floor have amazing acoustics, this Airbnb host calls it a “sound healing temple.” And the temple lacks nothing! There’s a full bathroom, a full kitchen, multiple futon beds to [...]

Honey Suckle Rose Tiny Yurt Cabin in Austin Texas Hill Country 001

The Honey Suckle Rose Tiny Yurt Cabin in Austin, Texas

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable tiny house experience in Austin, Texas, then consider The Honey Suckle Rose Tiny Yurt Cabin. Nestled in a secluded 3.5-acre wooded paradise, this charming tiny home is a blend of rustic and modern aesthetics, providing a cozy and comfortable getaway in the Texas Hill Country. Don’t miss [...]

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Concept 21 fiberglass house, built in 1976 17

Concept 21 Renovated Fiberglass Yurt Built in 1976

This house feature comes with a little history lesson! These yurts were designed by the Missouri-based “Concept Twenty-One” manufacturer, which built fiberglass “yurts” on-site that were touted as more energy-efficient and economical than other manufactured homes. You can read a 1978 article about these homes here. This particular yurt has been recently renovated, so it [...]

30 ft Rainier yurt for sale in Vermont 4

30-ft. Rainier Yurt For $13K in Vermont

Yurts are my all-time favorite type of tiny house, and this pre-owned one is only $13K! The original 30-foot Rainier kit cost $32K, but it could be yours for more than 40% off. You’ll have to disassemble it from its current home in Brattleboro, Vermont. The yurt sale includes the kitchen set-up, solar array, the [...]

Mountain View Shabby Chic Yurt St 3

Mountain View Yurt Cabin in Wildwood, Georgia

Looking to plan a unique vacation? You could stay in a DIY yurt cabin at a hang-gliding park and watch folks come to a landing while sipping your morning coffee! In the afternoon, you could go on your adventure, flying from the sky. The one-room yurt in Wildwood, Georgia, has all you’ll need, including a [...]

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Great Plains Mongolian Yurt on 35.5 private Acres 3

Great Plains Mongolian Yurt on 35.5 Private Acres

While I’m partial to wood-built “yurts,” the traditional Mongolian home was a tent that could be easily moved. The yurt below looks very similar to those original yurts, and the off-grid vacation spot will make you feel like you’re stepping back in time. It sits on 35.5 private acres in the Great Plains of Colorado [...]