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Octagon Water Forest Retreat in Connecticut 11

Octagon Water Forest Retreat in Connecticut

Here’s an awesome 144 square foot tiny house that’s similar to a yurt. The wooden octagon is a lovely private getaway secluded on 100 acres of wild land. There’s a comfortable bed inside the cabin, along with an electric fireplace that keeps the place warm. A heated outhouse nearby houses a composting toilet. Wait until [...]

Airbnb Village w Treehouse Yurt, Alpacas & More 8

Airbnb Village w/ Treehouse Yurt, Alpacas, Woodstock And More

Dan’s very first project on his property was his “Mancave.” He never dreamed that someone would want to stay in it, but when a friend recommended he put it on Airbnb, it became a popular destination. That’s when Dan started getting creative: He built a mini-village inside an airplane hangar, and then constructed a yurt, [...]

Vermont Luxury Yurt 15

Tiny Yurt In The Woods On Six Acres In Vermont

On a six-acre homestead in Vermont, nestled in the trees, sits this amazing luxury yurt — equipped for all four seasons! Just outside the yurt is a large curved deck where you’ll find an outdoor shower and the outhouse, along with two lawn chairs where you can sit and sip coffee while enjoying nature. Inside [...]

Dan Shaw Yurt Tree House Airbnb in Florida with Elevator 001

He Built An Epic Senior-Friendly Treehouse With Elevator Access in Florida

This is the story of Dan and his amazing self-created village, called Danville, where he reigns as the town mayor. The property is located in Geneva, Florida, north of Orlando and just 18 miles from the ocean. Don’t miss other incredible stories like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!  His Senior-Friendly Yurt [...]

Mountain Octagon 12

Mountain Octagon: Yurt-Inspired Vacation Home in Virginia

Round/octagonal buildings always inspire me, and this Mountain Octagon in Virginia is no exception! The vacation home has two large decks overlooking the mountains and tons of windows all the way around to give you views from the indoors as well. One side of the octagon has a large open floor plan with the living, [...]


They Built A Yurt Home And Share How To ‘Do It Yurtself’

This is the story of a little yurt home called Do It Yurtself. It’s built by Zach Both, the same artist who brought us this super-cool cargo van conversion (AKA the VANUAL) that we posted about in 2016. Don’t miss other super-cool yurts and other small structures, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!  [...]

Wooden Yurt 18 - Exploring Alternatives

Magical Yurt with Spiral Staircase Loft and Exterior Wooden Shell

This is Tal and Nao’s Rainforest Yurt! It’s a 32 ft traditional canvas yurt that has been modified for the West Coast climate by adding a shingled roof, wooden siding, and extra insulation. Don’t miss other super-interesting tiny house stories like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!  Tal and Nao’s Rainforest Wooden-Yurt From the [...]