Our bespoke yurts were originally home to Tom Hess and Lory Brown, who lived and worked here for over 40 years. The large yurt was Hess Pottery Studio, where Tom worked and sold his well-loved and critically acclaimed red clay pottery. You will still find the property sprinkled with pieces of Tom’s ceramic pie plates, serving as a continual reminder of the beautiful life Tom and Lory made here. The yurts were designed by William Copperthwaite, one of the world’s most respected names in Yurt building. Copperthwaite, who earned a PhD in education from Harvard University, was passionate about teaching others how to create yurts. The creation of the Hess yurts was no exception to this passion, being built in a workshop class led by Copperthwaite. These yurts are one of the only yurt compounds built by Copperthwaite that are open to the public. Over the years, Tom and Lory steeped this property with the spirit of sustainability and simple living, and Lory’s sustainable garden is what inspired The Forest Garden Yurts’ name. We feel honored to carry on the beautiful philosophy of this property, build upon its rich history, and share it with the world.4