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Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin

This is a tiny adirondack yurt cabin.

It’s a 14′ wooden yurt that can be used as a tiny home, guest space, studio, backyard office, meditation space, or anything else you can think of.

Inside, this one is set up as a tiny home with a couch, loft bed, fireplace, and a kitchenette.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin

Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin 001

Images © Adirondack Yurts

Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin 002 Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin 003 Tiny Adirondack Yurt Cabin 004

Images © Adirondack Yurts

Learn more: http://www.adirondackyurts.net/

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  • Avatar Rue

    Not a lot of headroom in that bed…I’d bonk my head on the ceiling just turning over.

    Cute yurt though.

  • Avatar Kim W

    Very sweet and quite a nice space, but not really set up as a tiny home, in my opinion.
    The bed is a death trap – turn over in the night and I would probably fall out….and the floor is a long way down!
    The kitchenette pics aren’t clear – is the blue cube a water container? Maybe with a bowl for washing up cups or washing one’s self?
    Lack of a toilet is the biggest marker that it is not really a home of any sort! I am not a ‘going outside in the wild’ sort of a lady!! I quite like the shape of a yurt, but to be lived in full time (or even for holidays…or beyond a couple of hours!!!) a toilet would be essential and would need to be screened off even if I was there on my own. This does detract from the beauty of the shape of a yurt, BUT I would not want to share toileting even with my nearest and dearest! This may be too much information, but I have a Kampa Khazi camping toilet now for night time use in our small house in France. The plumbed in toilet is downstairs, the stairs are narrow and steep and I have had a few night time stumbles on the way down to the toilet. The Kampa Khazi is a remove able plastic bucket with a lid, set in a plastic toilet shaped outer with toilet seat and lid. It’s lightweight but sturdy. Something like that would work here, provided there is somewhere nearby to empty the bucket.
    I have mentioned Clic-Clac sofas in other comments. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but they are comfortable as both a sofa and a bed and ours has build under storage for bed linen, so they are a boon for tiny/small living. Our 6′ tall son sleeps on one in our small house in France and it seats 3 or 4 adults comfortably as a sofa (or in our case 3 adults and a dog!). It is easy to move to clean under or when we put the table up.
    Thank you for putting the info up, Alex. They always make me think!

  • Avatar Kurt

    H-m-m…I thought yurts were canvas over a wooden frame.

    • Avatar Kurt

      Wow! That’s some loft bed. I wouldn’t want to fall out of that thing.

  • Avatar Betty

    Just no.😳

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