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Family of 7’s Two-Story School Bus Home

Anna, Jeff, and their five children live full-time on the road, traveling across the country and enjoying amazing experiences together! Their DIY conversion had two phases, and their current phase includes an amazing second story for their older children.

We got the chance to interview the family about their tiny life, so be sure to check out the photo tour and read their story below!

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Adventurous Family of 7’s Amazing Life on the Road in Their Two-Story School Bus

We got into tiny living because we have always loved to adventure.

We did lots of roadtrips, hiking, camping, etc. It was on one of our roadtrips that we started having a conversation on how we could extend our adventures and maybe travel in a fulltime capacity.

Our research on that led us to buslife and ultimately building our own tiny home on wheels.

We built our bus. The project has been completed in two phases: 1) we spent 2 years initially converting the bus, and 2) after having traveled in our bus for a few years, we spent six months adding the upstairs portion and reworking some of the lower layout to accommodate.

Not trying to be overly biased toward tiny living, but it’s honestly been all for the better.

We are closer as a family, we are more resilient toward things, we are much better at thinking on our feet and dealing with issues as they arise.

We are fully conscious of the things we have and how being minimal is a must, we are far more aware of our impact on the environment, and really, the list could go on and on.

Jeff is a remote software designer, and aside from that, together Anna and Jeff run Buslife Style, a small business producing apparel and goods for people who love buslife.

The hardest part of living of the road is a side-effect of fulltime travel: having to say goodbye to people.

Whether it’s family that we’ve come to visit, or friends we met while in a particular area, when it’s time to hit the road and move on to the next adventure, it’s always a bit heavy to say goodbye.

The most rewarding part of buslife is knowing that we have all we need right here and don’t have to worry about all the extra stuff that accompanied our lives before we moved tiny.

We could probably give many tips on how to best minimize your belongings, or how to deal with kids in a small space, etc, but we know there are so many people that do a great job talking on those topics.

So we’d say our best advice, and this applies really to anything, not just living tiny, is to just ‘do the dream’.

That has been our motto as a family, and we wholeheartedly live by it.

And it’s literally that simple–that thing you have in the back of your mind that you might not talk about all the time, but generally not a day goes by that you don’t think about it–push everything out of the way and give your all to it and DO IT.

The reward for doing so is far beyond comprehension!

Follow along with the family’s adventures at @sweetsweetbuslife!


  • This is the story of 7 humans, 3 dogs, and a cat on the road!
  • Anna, Jeff and their kids love traveling, and were trying to figure out how to do it full-time — bus life gave them the answer.
  • They added a second story to their bus after living on the road for a while, so there was more space for their kids to hang out and spread out.
  • The bus has a long table so all the kids can enjoy a meal.
  • There’s a nice bathroom with an extra tall shower stall.
  • A little office gives Jeff a place to work on the road.

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  • Marsha Cowan
    November 30, 2023, 4:01 pm

    A lot of clever design went into this home, and it’s lovely! I love the entry and the spacious family gathering area. All the wood accent is wonderful, and the little upstairs hide away is great! Very nice build and cool home.

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