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Couple’s Cozy Box Truck w/ Lift Bed

Sawyer was going for a run when he had a sudden heart attack. Thankfully, some firefighters found Sawyer and immediately got him the help he needed. That experience was the catalyst that sent him and Courtney on tiny living journey. They watched Craigslist for a while until an inexpensive, local box truck popped up.

They took their time sourcing free and inexpensive items for their build-out and the results are amazing! For just $14k, they have a fully-functional home including a wet bath and elevator bed that allows them to have a bedroom and living room all in one cozy spot. What do you think?

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Amazing Box Truck Budget Build-Out Under $14K

Their house has such a welcoming feel.

They use a drill bit to crank the bed up and down!

VIDEO: Cute tiny home built inside a box truck (budget $14K)


  •  Sawyer suffered a heart attack while running, leading him and Courtney to embark on a tiny living journey.
  • They found an inexpensive box truck on Craigslist to convert into a cozy home after Sawyer’s health scare.
  • The couple took their time to source free and affordable materials for their build-out.
  • The budget for their entire build-out, including features like a wet bath and elevator bed, was under $14,000.
  • The converted box truck features a functional living space with a wet bath and an innovative elevator bed that doubles as a bedroom and living room.
  • The couple documented their journey on Tiny House Giant Journey’s YouTube channel and Instagram.
  • The elevator bed is operated using a drill bit to raise and lower it as needed.
  • The couple’s house exudes a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, creating a comfortable living space inside the box truck.
  • The couple’s journey serves as an inspiration for creative and affordable tiny home conversions.

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  • Melissa
    August 20, 2023, 6:26 am

    This is one AMAZING box truck conversion! 👍🏼 I would commission a build from this gentleman any day. Kudos!

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