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Beloved Cabin w: Greenhouse Kitchen and Bathroom 2

John and Fin’s Beloved Cabin with Greenhouse Kitchen and Bathroom

If you’ve been around Tiny House Talk for a while, you’ve likely heard of John and Fin. This couple runs off-grid workshops, tiny house meetups, and their organization, United Tiny Homes, has donated thousands to charity! Oh, and they run a whole Airbnb resort in Georgia with several tiny homes they’ve designed and built. But [...]

Their Ultimate Overlanding Truck Camper

Their Ultimate Overlanding Truck Camper

Brittany and Jay are the proud owners of their ultimate overlanding truck camper, which allows them to off-road and boondock for up to two weeks at a time. They use Starlink, a generator, and extra propane/fuel storage to let them stay on the trails and still work “normal” jobs. Because Jay was formerly a chef, [...]

His Awesome Truckbed RV for Adventure Sport Travel 2

Upgrading to a Detachable Truck Camping Bed for Adventure Travel

Johnny recently upgraded to a detachable truck camping bed to enhance his adventure sports travels. A couple of years prior, he hopped on the nomadic life train by building out a shuttle bus conversion to pursue adventure sports. And while that setup worked, he decided the bus-plus-car was too long, and he wanted something he [...]

Finding Freedom in her van conversion (1)

Freedom on the Road in Her Van Conversion

Abby’s love for an adventurous lifestyle led her to convert her own van! She fit a bike, paddleboard, camping gear, and tools under her bed, so she can enjoy the outdoors. Her conversion was a DIY build, that cost her $37,000. She used plenty of reclaimed materials to keep costs down, but the van’s aesthetic [...]

DIY Tiny Homes for Family w: Adult Daughters 3

DIY Tiny Homes for Family w/ Adult Daughters

How do you go tiny with teenagers? You build two! Or at least that’s what worked for Wayne, Anthea, and their two daughters, Darienne and Remony. Wayne is an architect who wanted to design his own space, and building two tiny homes for their family sounded like a fun project. The girls were 15 and [...]

Get Ready for Four Off-Grid Workshops in 2024 2

Get Ready for Four Off-Grid Workshops in 2024!

This year, United Tiny House is bringing back their off-grid camps, but with more to learn than ever before, and four weekends you can choose from to attend! Just like last year, you’ll get to enjoy hands-on workshops learning about biogas, rainwater collection, and solar systems, and there’s free tent camping on site (or you [...]

Veterans’ Awesome Short Bus Conversion (w: Bathroom!)

Military Couple’s Short Bus Conversion with a Bathroom

Melvin and Emily spent 2.5 years building out an incredible short bus home, complete with one of the coolest handmade cedar doors we’ve ever seen on a skoolie. They decided to travel the country after finishing their military careers and discovering how much they enjoyed camping and exploring the outdoors. The handbuilt home is incredible [...]