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UK Couple Renovated this Bus in 1 month for US Tour 2

UK Couple Overhauls Bus in 1 Month for US Tour

Nick and Harri are a 23-year-old British couple who graduated from university in 2020, just in time for the world to close down. They decided vanlife would be the best way to make lemonade out of lemons. After traveling in Europe, they decided to come to the US and build out a bus in just [...]

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Her 10×32 THOW with Sunroom 4

Life in Tennessee Tiny House Community in her 10×32 Tiny Home with a Sunroom!

Gloria lived in California for over 40 years, but never felt at home — until she packed up everything and moved into a custom-designed tiny house with a separate sunroom on one of the Incredible Properties in Tennessee. She pays just $200/month on rent and has a lovely spot to call her own. The sunroom [...]

Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

The Briles family couldn’t have been more tied down to their standard suburban lifestyle in Texas. They had the job, the house, the cars — but something was missing in their pursuit of the American Dream. So they sold everything and purchased a Class A RV which they transformed into a home on wheels. The [...]

Ruby, the 1990 Volkwagon Vanagon 1

Ruby: The 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon

William is a professional photographer and has made his dreams come true by traveling in Ruby, his 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon that he added a roof raise to for extra comfort and space. His van life allows him to work and to see family and friends all over the country. When he gets together with them, [...]

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Family of Four’s Full-Time Lux Camping Setup 2

Family of Four Living Full Time in their Jeep Camper

Just wait until you see the incredible off-roading Jeep Camper this family lives in — full-time! Julie, Chris, and their two boys loved camping and kept taking longer and longer trips until they realized they could put “normal” behind them and DIY their own overland camping set-up! They have a beefed-up Jeep that tows a [...]

DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm 3

DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm

Some years ago, David was inspired to build his own tiny house — and he did! He moved it across the country, met Erin, and the couple moved it back across the country to start their own market farm operation selling organic vegetables and mushrooms. The initial cost of the house was about $30,000, and [...]

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Australian emergency response vehicle turned into tiny home 2

Australian Emergency Response Vehicle Turned into Tiny Home

Mike and Lauren enjoyed hiking and other outdoorsy activities, but didn’t enjoy backpacking — so they started hunting for a vehicle they could convert into a home on wheels. This 1981 Emergency Response Landcruiser had already been imported from Australia and was for sale in 2020. They spent lockdown time transforming it into a home, [...]