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They Spend 9 Months on a High End Build 5

Nine Months Building their Camper Van

Andrea and Jacob lost their field of work in 2020, and were feeling isolated with all the travel bans. The Swedish couple decided a van would be a great way to save on rent and be able to see more of Europe. Their original plan was to do a quick budget build, but they ultimately [...]

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Amazing Bunk Room for 4 Kids in this RV 2

Amazing Bunk Room for 4 Kids in this RV

Steve, Erin and their four children made a major lifestyle change after their oldest son asked if his dad didn’t love him because he was always working at the family business. They purchased a camper to spend weekends together and went some place local every single weekend! When they saw families in Florida living full-time [...]

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Overcoming Obstacles: Karen’s Path to Tiny House Living

Hello, Tiny House Talk readers! Today, we’re thrilled to share with you the inspiring story of Karen, a woman who turned her tiny house dreams into reality, despite facing significant challenges along the way. Karen’s journey to tiny house living began in 2016 when her youngest child moved out. She found herself captivated by a [...]

He Sold His Comic Books & Bought a Skoolie 2

His Comic Book Theme Shuttle Bus Tiny Home

Travis works as a Comic Book Ambassador, traveling the country talking about comics and sharing awesome YouTube videos about what’s new in the comic world. And amazingly, he paid for his shuttle bus conversion by selling his own comic collection. Pretty neat! We got a chance to do a Q&A with Travis about what inspired [...]

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German Couple’s Epic Overlander w Amazing Design 3

German Couple’s Epic Overlander w/ Amazing Design

Olly and Harriet are a lovely German couple who had always loved traveling during their vacations from work and wanted to use their retirement to keep seeing the world. So they purchased an amazing Mitsubishi Fuso and had it converted into an overlander dream house on wheels! The professionals who outfitted the interior did an [...]

Linda & Bill Retire in A Self-Built Sprinter Van 2

Linda & Bill Retire in A Self-Built ProMaster Van

Linda and Bill got to the point where their children and even their grandkids were growing up and had busy lives of their own, so they wanted to get out and explore the world at last! They liquidated their assets and converted the van, which includes a convertible bed, bathroom with a shower and toilet, [...]

Quebec Man Retires in His Self-Built Campervan

Quebec Man Retires in His Self-Built Campervan

Serge worked hard his entire life, but when it was time to retire, he was ready to start living for himself! After converting his campervan, he’s found a wonderful community and passion for the arts, including dancing and joining a band. He has an outdoor shower, hidden toilet-under-a-bench and a fixed bed he can crawl [...]