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Build Tiny’s Riverbank Tiny House Has So Many Clever Features!

Build Tiny’s clever designs never fail to amaze me, and their Riverbank Tiny House is so exception. We see A LOT of tiny homes here, and they always seem to find innovative ways to cleverly include everything you could want from a tiny house.

You’ll have to watch the video to see how they managed to get a washer/dryer unit into this little house, and you’ll also find that there’s standing room in the bedroom loft, and office loft where you can comfortably sit up and work, and a kitchen that includes a dishwasher!

The pegboard wall in the living room means the new owner can mix up her shelving situation whenever she wants! Enjoy the tour below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Pegboard Wall, Hidden Washer, Clothesline And More In This Clever Tiny House Build

The River Bank Tiny House Tour

Images via Build Tiny

The living room pegboard wall is totally customizable.

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 6

Images via Build Tiny

Sleek black in the kitchen with a pretty huge fridge!

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 4

Images via Build Tiny


The River Bank Tiny House Tour 11

Images via Build Tiny

The dual staircases make it easy to get from one loft to the other.

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 2

Images via Build Tiny

A desk with tons of natural light from the big window.

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 5

Images via Build Tiny

Loft bedroom has tons of headspace.

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 9

Images via Build Tiny

She’s standing! With room to spare.

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 9

Images via Build Tiny

Shower stall and storage vanity.

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 3

Images via Build Tiny

I’m in love with those funky tiles.

The River Bank Tiny House Tour 7

Images via Build Tiny

VIDEO: The River Bank Tiny House Tour


  • 7.2m long x 2.4w x 4.2h
  • Dual lofts with staircase
  • Standing room in bedroom loft
  • Sitting room for office in second loft
  • Compact bathroom with composting toilet
  • Shower stall
  • Pegboard wall
  • Hidden washing machine
  • Flip-up table

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