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Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w/ Rooftop Deck

Kelsey and Luke own almost identical dogs, although each one is a mutt! That immediately bonded the pair and after Kelsey’s car and apartment leases were up, she moved into Luke’s home — but the house seemed way too big and constricting. That led them to begin searching for a van.

However, they found vans were too tiny for four of them, and skoolies were too big. The short bus was a perfect “Goldilocks” option for them. Overall they spent about $22K on the bus and the conversion, which includes a convertible bed in the back and a rooftop deck on top to give them a spot to have “alone time” when needed.

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Couple & Their Dog in Convertible Bed Bus

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck

Images via Tiny Home Tours

The back of the deck hangs over the end of the bus and gives them a spot to hang a swing chair.

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

Here they are enjoying the bed in daytime mode.

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck 8

Images via Tiny Home Tours

They have a little bench next to the oven that was previously supposed to become a shower.

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck 5

Images via Tiny Home Tours

VIDEO: Couple’s $20K Self-Converted Skoolie


  • Kelsey and Luke instantly bonded when they discovered they each owned almost identical dogs! It was basically love at first bark.
  • While Kelsey eventually moved in with Luke, they both decided they wanted to travel more and adjust their lifestyle. After touring some vans and skoolies, they decided that a short bus was the perfect size for them.
  • Luke can’t stand up in the bus, but having a convertible bed provides enough space for him to sprawl out in bed.
  • Their kitchen has an oven with a cook top (a new development after they used a camp stove for a while)!
  • While they created a space in the bus for a shower, they decided they didn’t really need it and ended up giving the shower pan away.
  • Kelsey works as a Zodiac Juice Astrologist from the bus.

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  • Marsha Cowan
    November 1, 2023, 1:27 pm

    Really nice home! Cozy and sweet!

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