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ALPHAVAN: Luxury German Van Conversions

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While I love a DIY van conversion as much as the next person, it’s always fun to see the best that money can buy, and the German-built ALPHAVAN is about as fancy as it gets! It’s high-tech in just about every way and looks sleek and modern inside and out.

There are two swivel seats as well as a bench that can seat two more people safely. A compact wet bath and kitchen take up the middle of the van, and there’s a double bed in the back over a huge garage space that can hold all kinds of outdoor gear.

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These Van Conversions Have All The Bells and Whistles

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 12

Images © AlphaVan

An awning provides shade and extends the living area.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 14

Images © AlphaVan

Two quilted leather swivel chairs.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 10

Images © AlphaVan

You can seat up to four adults.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 11

Images © AlphaVan

The garage has tons of room for supplies.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 7

Images © AlphaVan

Notice the rounded edges on the counter to prevent bumps and bruises.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 6

Images © AlphaVan

There’s lots of storage inside that’s soft-close.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 5

Images © AlphaVan

There’s a wet bath with a pull-out sink!

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 3

Images © AlphaVan

I love this living area.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 4

Images © AlphaVan

The bedroom is quite cozy.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 2

Images © AlphaVan

They built out Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 8

Images © AlphaVan

It looks like an amazing adventure vehicle.

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 13

Images © AlphaVan



  • Complete furniture made of lightweight material, about 150kg less than competition
  • No gas on board: large 4.1kW Lithium Ion battery for induction cooker, air conditioning, refrigerator and 230V appliances
  • Standard 290Wp solar panels on the roof. Potential extension via external solar connector for foldable solar panels
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter always fully equipped, 90% allwheel drive
  • Always largest engine (190hp, 140kW, 4 cyclinder Diesel)
  • Automatic transmission, 9G Tronic
  • LED lighting
  • Color displays
  • Gross vehicle weight 4.1tons (4×4) and 3.5tons (rear wheel drive)
  • Length: 736cm (extra long Sprinter, L4)
  • Height: 325cm (super high roof, H3) à 4×4, 315 RWD
  • Smart Home Control for all Campervan systems (Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control): either intuitive touch panel oder via smartphone App
  • First campervan brand with Starlink Satellite Internet offering
  • Always fully connected with either 4G oder Sat Internet on board
  • High-end Entertainment Package with smart TV and Premium Sound System
  • Many accessories selectable
  • Styling packages
  • Magnetic Bag System for the rear garage (called FlexPort)
  • Foldable mattress for FlexPort (4 full seats and 4 full sleeping spaces)
  • Several tires and wheels available
  • Modern design with rounded edges
  • Several spare wheel racks available
  • Currently under development of heavy payload drawing system for FlexPort and roof carrier system
  • Currently two models available
  • PREMIUM line: FlexPort can be used as second sleeping space. All technology integrated in left / right trunks
  • ACTIVE line: FlexPort size maximized for up to 2-3 motorcycles.
  • Rear wheel drive: starting from 185.000€ (~$197,506) (not including any sales tax and import tolls)
  • 4×4: starting from 196.000€ (~$209,249) (not including any sales tax and import tolls)

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This post contains affiliate links.

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