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This AI-Powered PodTel Tiny House in Spain is Completely Self-Sustaining

This PodTel might be the future of housing! It was factory-built and dropped off via crane in the Spanish desert, and it’s completely, 100% self-sustaining. The tiny house is off-grid with solar panels, an incinerating toilet, and a water system that sucks moisture out of the air to provide water for the home.

All of those features are then controlled by your smartphone via a special app, making the entire house smart as well as sustainable! You can dim the lights, control the temperature, and even purchase locked “extras” while you stay there. Because the home is self-contained, it can be placed just about anywhere in the world (that you can move a crane, of course). What do you think?

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DistrictHive Builds Futuristic Tiny Home in the Middle of the Desert

Glass all over provides you stunning views of the desert wherever you are in the house.

You can even soak in the amazing pool!

The bedroom has plenty of storage.

You control all the lights and temperature with an app.

The kitchen has all the appliances you need.

Chairs pull out of the island when it’s time to eat.

Those lockers on the left house food and other bonus items you can buy in-app to unlock.

The couch looks out over the desert.

The shape of the tiny house is very container-cabin-like.

The house sucks moisture from the air for water.

A nice basin sink in the bathroom.

The incinerating toilet burns waste away!

A covered pergola provides a shady place where you can relax.

With no light pollution, you can view the night sky like never before.

Where would you put one of these homes?

VIDEO: This Home is 100% Self-Sustainable


    A tranquil getaway in some of the most stunning locations on our planet where you can relax by listening to the song of mother nature. Districthive’s Colony is a five star space for humans to recharge and connect with breathtaking nature in luxury without giving up comforts and technology.
  • AND NOW comes with a photo frame-outdoor shower, infinity anti-gravity pool and a star gazing lounge.
    The “Podtel”, a tiny house Pod hotel we call the Colony is the world’s first truly autonomous living space that can colonise any terrain. It requires no public services to function by making its own water, electricity and waste treatment. We can park in spaces where construction is not possible.
    It is completely self-sustaining, self-sufficient, fully equipped and mobile phone APP controlled: from entry, lighting, temperature, aroma, sound, TV and concierge to Artificial Intelligence powered energy management. Everything is connected.
    Climate change is a real threat so we went completely offgrid and green. Our proprietary technology makes our own water, electricity and waste treatment without plugging into local services. The colony is carbon neutral and can operate for 4 days without sun on solar charged batteries.
    Districthive podtels were designed to be state-of-the-art without compromise in quality of living. The goal was simple, we wanted to colonise new environments without disrupting eco-systems, whilst ensuring guests had complete luxury and services they were accustomed to.
    Districthive podtels only work with our custom built APP available on app stores. Open doors, control your mood settings with light, sound, aromas and temperature.
    There is high speed mobile internet with load balancers and fail over contingency connections, guaranteeing you access in the wild at all times!
    Centralised services at your fingertips, whenever you want it using our APP that powers EVERYTHING!
  • Automated application to auto check-in and out, get secure lockers, buy food, drinks and other services from the dispensers any time or even pay for services on-demand.
  • Smart Pods to control your lights, sound, temperature, aromas (fragrances), user access and even energy consumption. Voice powered A.I. assistance at all times.
    State-of-the-art luxurious minimalism and fully equipped pods that sleeps a family of four, always putting comfort first with stunning views! From living space, kitchen, bedroom, washroom, stargazing decks to hammocks.
  • Spacious podtel with over 45sqm / 484sqft. TGFA (Total Gross Floor Area) of utilisable space.
    The podtels are built to mimic our idea of a space ship that landed on planet Mars, the next frontier for humans. How do we do that in limited space and without compromise? The podtels are highly organised with plenty of storage spaces and organised modules that solve every need humans have in their daily lives.
    Automatic locker dispensers that can be paid for on demand and serve you drinks from artisans and craft companies. In the wild, anytime you want it.
  • On-demand Eat and Drink, anytime. Just pay with your APP.
  • Free Premium Water from local brands with every stay booked, ice cold!
    Off-The-Beaten Track tips and recommendations in our APP. It powers your entire experience and has some great features to help you make the most of your stay.
  • Districthive e-Scooters available to rent-on-demand for use around town. Discover like never before with 6 hours of battery per purchase.
  • City Guide built within the APP with curated tips on highly recommended things to do and see near the podtel.
  • Concierge 24/7 through the APP.
    Creative Inspiring Spaces amidst nature for you to relax and work on your own terms. We offer views that guarantee recharging of humans.
  • Work & Play orientation
    We know that many of you take your work with you whilst you travel, so we thought about that too. Make blogs, vlogs and catch up with your friends and family with high speed internet in the wild.
  • Stargazing decks on hammocks.
    The perfect place to read a book!
    This podtel location was used in various high profile video/photoshoots like The XPENG electric car launch in EU, the Black Mirror TV show, numerous fashion houses launches and some of the most famous travel influencers.
    The location has also been covered by various media outlets including the National Geographic Traveller.

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